Friday, 13 February 2015

Anuchef: Plantain sauce

Hi bloghearts, how are you doing? Plantain sauce is really easy to make and tasty. You want to try it.


  1. Fried plantain (diced)
  2. Shredded beef
  3. Carrots (diced)
  4. Peppers (green, yellow and red)
  5. Onion
  6. Olive oil
  7. Soy sauce
  8. Seasoning cubes
  9. Spices
  1. Heat up a little oil in a pan.
  2. Fry onion, carrot and beef.
  3. Add peppers and plantain.
  4. Add spices and season.
  5. Add soy sauce.
  6. Steam on low heat for about 5 minutes.
Thanks for reading. Do let me know when you try it. Xo, Anuoluwapo.


Duru Adolphus Jnr. said...

Aha!!! Anu! **Scratches Head.. Is that all the food or is a second portion remaining?! **Shines teeth... it is too small oh! if I eat this one to sleep ehn, i will wake up 2 AM and start eating raw indomie.. **Shines teeth.. It looks good though bubba. Nice one..Cheers xx

P.S: I am becoming a huge fan of your writing Bubba, theres a calmness that comes from being here... :) Ooossshey! Turn down for kini?! With Anu, we only Turn Up Mbok..

Riike said...

All these Anuchef you're sharing, Diaris God oh said...

Nice one madam chef - will definitely try it when I'm off. I'm so passionate about cooking and I'm constantly adding to my recipe. Thanks ever so much dear - have a lovely weekend :)

Anonymous said...

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'demola said...

My wife tried it Anu, 'Love it!

Anonymous said...

we call this quickie sauce,will surely try it out just that am not a fan of ripe plantain

Naija Bachelor said...

I know what I'm cooking tomorrow. I also know what I'm going to use to impress the next lady I invite to dinner at my place. AWESOME.

ire said...

Looks good

Anuoluwapo said...

The food may look small but is very filling. You wouldn't have to snack on raw noodles.

Thank you! Love love

Anuoluwapo said...

There certainly is God :D

Anuoluwapo said...

Please share your recipes

Anuoluwapo said...

I'm glad

Anuoluwapo said...

It is a quickie sauce indeed

Anuoluwapo said...

Ahahah, smart guy

Anuoluwapo said...

Yea, thanks