Saturday, 25 October 2014

Anuchef: Ofada (ayamase) sauce

I hope you've missed Anuchef. I'm here with ofada sauce (ayamase) as promised. I don't know if it's the same or similar to the designer stew served at events. I do know how to make it and I'll show you a method now.

8 pieces unripe bell peppers (green tatashe)
5 pieces unripe bonnet peppers (ata rodo)
Shaki (tripe)
Locust beans (iru)
Palm oil
2 bulbs onions
Crayfish (blended)

  • Boil your ponmo and shaki. Parboil the ponmo to remove it's smell.
  • Deseed the tatashe.
  • Blend the tatashe, ata rodo and an onion bulb using as little water as possible.
  • Boil or sieve the pepper to remove water
  • Add a quarter of an onion bulb to the palm oil. Leave the pot covered while you bleach for about 10 minutes. The onion would be burnt when you're done but it would have flavoured the oil. It should be light yellow if you didn't add the onion and black if you did. The aroma should have started making your neighbours restless by now.
  • Leave the oil to cool before you open the pot and remove the burnt onions.
  • Put the oil back on fire. Add the onions and locust beans when it's hot and allow to cook.
  • Add the ponmo and shaki. Allow to fry until lightly brown.
  • Add the pepper, crayfish and season. Stir and allow to cook.
  • Add your water/stock.
  • Serve with ofada rice or even with your normal rice, plantain, yam, potato,...
It looked and tasted real good. Ofada sauce shouldn't make you "Toni, everywhere you go", turning up at every event. Make it at home and add 15 yards to your wife 

Congratulations to blogheart Olorilaw2 on the arrival of her baby. God bless baby, mommy, daddy and us all. I see you reading bloghearts, thank you. Keep reading. Xo, Anuoluwapo.

P.S. I used the ingredients I had at home. You can add boiled eggs, beef, goat meat, stock fish, etc, to make yours sexier. You can cut them into smaller pieces too.


Anonymous said...

Na to open restaurant remain o

Anonymous said...

I can smell it already o, pass some make I sample am

Ire said...

Is it too late to marry my brother?

Anuoluwapo said...

Abi now

Anuoluwapo said...

Oya take

Anuoluwapo said...

Is your brother Dangote or Otedola?

Anonymous said...

Loved it!

fateemah said...

Anubaby, she cooks eforiro bolognese too. Smoked fish + the orisirisi can take your ofada sauce to another level.

Anuoluwapo said...

Thanks love :*

Anuoluwapo said...

I'm glad