Saturday, 30 August 2014

Audio lover

‎I've never thought of myself as a clingy lover. I'm more of a magical lover. You love me, I love you, you misbehave and I can't recognise you no more. It's like magic. No time to be sleeping on a bicycle abeg. So when I say a long distance relationship is not my thing, it's not because I want loads of PDA and attention. It because it makes no sense whatsoever to me. What do you do with a ghost lover? Calls, smses, Skype? No thank you.

You can date a guy for 10years and not fully know him talkless of an audio lover, you just dey hear am, you no dey see am. There are some little details you would never pick up. You don't see his reactions, how he treats people especially those under him. When he comes around, you're both on your best behavior, honeymoon phase something.

Long distance gets people paranoid. "What could she be doing now?" "Why isn't he picking my calls?" "Who is the lady that picked his phone" "I can hear a guy's voice at the background, she is cheating on me." Paranoia doesn't work well with anybody, with some being more serious than the other. Why get yourself into that situation?

How would a long distance bobo be your best friend? Can you really talk about everything over the phone? That's how your girlfriend will fall in love with another guy that is there to comfort her. Relationships are hard work. Long distance na die. You need emotional stability, communication, commitment, trust and maturity to make one work.

Then there is the "facebook love" *in Jaywon's voice. Heard the song before? Internet love is very shady. I'm sure you're aware of the schemes of yahoo boys and girls? In this crazy and perverse world, you think the best place to find a spouse is on the internet? The "ones" we know their ancestors sef dey do person strong thing. When I worked briefly in Lagos, I had a colleague that had a physical boyfriend and several audio ones. She had several profiles on dating sites and was looking for the fastest way to the altar with preference to guys outside the country. Very pretty babe with a nasty attitude but of course she portrayed herself as sweet and amazing. I know we can be like that but the internet makes it so easy to camouflage.

The only reason I can think of, at the moment, that would make me okay a long distance relationship is where the parties having been together for a while, understand each other and are sure of what they want. Be sure that the distance will test your feelings and it would be a little harder to show you care. Not that the guy came "home" for Christmas you meet, love up, he returns to his base and you start getting yourselves worked up for nothing.

A funny one is babes that quickly have an introduction done or tie the knots when the boyfriend is traveling outside the country. Those are the learners. Lol. It is not a bad thing but may not end up as planned. He could meet someone or marry one oyinbo or akata, so could she. You just tie yourself up like that and most times, it's very hard to get untangled when you've spent so long waiting. Even married folks misbehave so shine your eyes. I'm not saying break up because he is traveling. I'm saying wait till he is back because you do the wedding proper. Jonzing is a sin.

Maybe I'm just a pessimist. No, realist is a better word. I do have a friend who met her hubby on the internet. The girl get mind gan and the guy was persistent. They dated for a while. Today, she is a wife and mother. So, it works for some people. Be sure to know what you're getting yourself into and be ready to work for it.

Thank you for reading bloghearts. Feel free to add your additions, subtractions or just say hello in the comment section. Please suggest topics you want me to write on. You can also send posts, I'll be glad to put them up. Thank you Humphrey for this topic, I hope you like what I made of it. Enjoy the plenty photos. Love y'all,  Anuoluwapo.



Covers face. Lmao

*PDA = Public display of affection
 Na die = Very difficult
 Sef dey do person strong thing = can be wicked

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Anuchef: Sexy granny sauce

I named it Granny sauce because it's mainly grannies that live(or grew up) in the village that make this on a regular, I think. Be sure to have a foodgasm from it. My friends Tosin and Kunbi can give an arm for it. I was not a fan of locust beans (Iru). Never used it or had this sauce before. I made it because I wanted to know what the hype was all about. If anyone ever tells you you smell like locust bean please do something about it and fast. Just a joke? Take offence. It STINKS! This is my first contact with it and it's smell almost changed my mind about making it. Keep it in an airtight container to prevent the smell from taking over your refrigerator and home. Wash well with water to remove the stone. I used Iru woro.

Blended pepper (tomatoes, red pepper and onions) preferably with hand grater
Seasoning cubes
Vegetable oil
Locust beans
Smoked fish
Diced ponmo

1. Put a clean pan on fire and pour the oil in it when dry.
2. When the oil is hot, dice the onion in it, add the locust beans and allow to fry for 3mins.
3. Pour the blended pepper and allow it to fry for 3mins, then add the seasoning cubes, salt, fish and ponmo.
4. Let it fry together for 10mins, stir and remove from fire.
Yummy! This goes perfectly well with normal or ofada rice. Give it a trial. I can assure u that you won't stop eating this!

See Tosin writing recipe passionately. Y'all should try it like she said. Thanks for sharing this bae :* I substituted the fish and ponmo for turkey, gizzard and liver, which I diced. I didn't use hand grater for my pepper. If you need to add water, you can use the water from the final time you washed the locust beans. I also used palm oil to give it a more "granny" feel. I will definitely make this on a regular. Thanks for reading. Love you like Xo.

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Forgot to take a photo before serving

Oga Esquire yours is in the warmer o. Hope you're almost here :D

Monday, 25 August 2014

Natural products you may want to try

I have gone from having a clear flawless skin to knowing what natural products work for me. I had been experimenting before acne started living rent free on my face. I must say that these products work differently on everyone. You may have to increase the quantity, dilute or not use. You basicly need to know what works for you. Don't get yourself too burnt in the process.
  1.  Good old Shea butter. Moisturises very well but darkens my skin. Great for my lips and hair. Works well for stretch marks and babies. "Smart" ladies start using it as soon as they know they are preggy.
  2. Coconut oil moisturises well. Great for hair and lips but clogs my skin, I think.
  3. Palm kernel oil. Same as 2 above although I think coconut oil is better. Depends on each person's skin I guess. It has an offensive coffee like or "burning" smell.
  4. Lime. Helps keep the acne at bay and reduces black spots. It dries out the skin so be sure not to use too much and monitor your skin. You may have to dilute or use every other day for short periods. It also works for back/body acne. You can cook certain foods like fish with it. Instead of using sugar, I use it to sweeten my tea. I read you can add a bit to your moisturiser to maintain your complexion or apply with cotton wool to ankles, knees and knuckles to brighten them #Notimefortheseabeg. Read it's also a good deodorant.
  5. Tomatoes brighten the skin.
  6. I love Henna (laale, lele) so much that I can name my daughter Henna. I polish my nails with it. It can also be used as hair dye. Those are besides it's popular function of beautifying #Africantatoosomething. I hear some ladies write their hubby's names or erotic things in erotic places for their honeymoon or whenever *winks*
  7. Garlic!! Garlics are amazing. I apply on my face especially when I just squeezed a pimple. It reduces inflammation and heals it fast. The smell? Beauty doesn't come easy now, does it? I also add it to every meal.
  8. Iced blocks help reduce large pores.
  9. Egg white is a very good facial mask. You can add a little orange/lime. Wash off when dry.
  10. Sugar and olive oil mixture works as a very good face/body scrub.
  11. Cucumber doesn't do well with my skin but I hear it works for eye bags. 
  12. O ye pepper lovers, monitor your skin. Pepper makes some people break out.
  13. Milk, dairy and soda does same as 8 above for some people.
  14. A two week water diet should do wonders for the skin. Drink only water and maybe teas (no milk and sugar), cut off dairy too. Or maybe just reduce them. Natural hair loves moisture. Try combing/styling your natural hair when it's damp.
  15. Is there anything honey doesn't work for? That's if one gets the real deal.
I hope you find something that works for you. You know i'm not a professional, right? Kindly share natural products you use for your skin, to cook, clean,... Hoarding isn't pretty, lol. Don't have any? You can still say hello. We'll have some bloghearts write for us, this week I hope. I can't wait! Tosin has also given us her recipe. Thank you for reading. All my love, Anuoluwapo.

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Gbemi Saraki is my guy

My dear sisters on the blog, how are you doing? I guess this a post where poor people make ourselves happy. Please am I the only one seeing babes that do not have more than one head, flying first class and private, wearing the tightest labels and cars as e dey hot. We are busy being Mary Amakas, listening to our consciences and honouring God. The brothers are not left out with yahoo boys enticing their greedy babes or choosing not to have peace themselves. Are we not the ones that should be enjoying? Getting the better jobs and living the good life?

Eleda mi turn up, maa maa sun ke. Lol. I want to travel the world private style. I want to travel and not be tempted to post on social media. Visit Switzerland like I'm visiting my mom's in Lagos. Not when one travels once in 18years and you have to show your location on bbm and be snapping up and down with air hostesses, Oyinbo people or in front of stores. Lmao! You're guilty? We're together jare. Ehnehn, I want to be very busy, pay 1million naira for a table to unwind at comedy shows. *In Ice prince's voice* Gbemi Saraki is my guy IJN. I don't want to suffer or manage. I refuse to be a manager, C.E.O of conglomerates will do. Why can't I be on the cover of Forbes magazine? TUJ in advance.

I know a lot of us feel this way and want these things. Runs may be attractive and rewarding. But then you will not be able to open your mouth in certain quarters. People will never respect you, they are only there for selfish reasons. When someone says I have only 50k in my account and by the grace of God I can beat my chest that I made it honestly with the fear of God. Can you say same about your 500 million? Or you think the end justifies the means? My dear don't get it twisted, heaven is the end, your money isn't. Things may be tight but we're not starving, we have a roof over your heads, we don't have to borrow, all thanks to God. Calm down, hustle hard, pray well, we'll be fine.

*as e dey hot = latest designs/brands
 Mary Amakas = good girls
 IJN = In Jesus' name
 TUJ = thank you Jesus

N.B. I do not mean to be disrespectful. I think Distinguished Senator Gbemisola Saraki is very beautiful and oozes class. I heard my title on Iceprince's song and it sounded right.

I'm doing a post on natural products I use and love. If you've used any that worked (or is working) for you, kindly let me know so I can include them. Xoxo, Anuoluwapo.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

My law school experience

Gaining admission into NLS was a miracle. It was one of my 2012 birthday requests to God but I had given up on it. I made a khaki and shorts and was so ready for NYSC. I did my happy dance at Ikeja Mall when a sweetheart called to let me know that our names were out and she had even started my registration process. When my posting came out, I couldn't complain because it would have been so insensitive to do so. So many people would take my slot without thinking about it. I resumed in November and spent about 9months in Bagauda, Kano. It was a difficult time, the first time I would be faraway from home.

I left home with the intention of not making friends. Maybe that's why I made very few. I had the opportunity to know a beautiful soul I had been in the same classes with since JSS/SSS1 and we're now even at the same CDS. I also met an Angel who gave me copies of her notes, shared cups of tea with me every night and invited me over to her bunk on Friday nights to watch movies. I got my admission late so I went alone unexcited. Surprisingly, there were people who were excited about my coming and kept calling to check that I was okay. They showed me around and made sure I had dinner. Thanks y'all. The hostels looked the same to me and I kept getting it wrong. The campus was previously Bagauda Lake Resort so you can imagine how old most of the buildings are. I was always scared the fan would fall on me. You needed to have heard the fan in the next room though. Life there was tough. There was a night I thought I would be killed in my sleep because some non-christians felt I should not be allowed to study with them. What was I looking for sef? I had 13 room mates, 3 of who I knew from Uni. I was lucky my corner, for 4, had a door and a bathroom. I didn't realize until close to the exams that our doors were for decorative purposes. Cooking wasn't allowed. The taps in the rooms weren't running so we had to fetch water from outside. There were no omo onise  like they had in other campuses so we washed and ran our errands ourselves. I didn't mind though but then 24hours wasn't enough. My weekdays? Lectures began at 9am and ended at about 2pm. We had to sign out before heading to our rooms. I would soak my white shirt then head to faraway Mami market to buy food. Eat, wash, sleep, read, gist with roommates and browse for a little time. It was here I lost the spirit of sending birthday wishes on fb, thanks to bad network, no time and low battery. There was a time we had to go queue at 6:30/7am so we could thumb print on time when the machines arrived by 8am. The weather was freezing then ehn. I feel it was wrong to take attendance and lock hostels. If we were old enough to teach ourselves, we were old enough to make choices, to attend classes or not. At least it's not NLS' time and money. Treating graduates and people my mother's age as kids. The generator went on at 7pm and off at 12am.

I started forming seriousness, making notes before class. That didn't last beyond a week. Law school is a battle field, not just for the brilliant but tough hearted. When people post "I miss Bagauda, my second home on Fb, I want to ask if they live in holes. Nobody loves you or has your time. It's not like your friends don't care but they are too busy worrying about themselves. Law school is so stressful, my once clear flawless skin began to break out. Forget the Instagram photos @tarabauer_ I was an ugly duckling in school. I wore the same clothes. I'm not a fashionista and then law school sucked the little I had in me. I didn't care about how I looked. That I was living was enough. I had eye bags. I slept poorly due to snores around. Some people would paint face and all, do color blocking, form fashionista just to go to Mami. Some even had boyfriends and girlfriends in school. Those are the super humans. There was drama, fights and gossip. We had a 2week Christmas break. That's when I got married but when you're in law school, you're single. The area of one's life that really mattered was academics.

Our lecturers were amazing though. Well, most of them. They really tried even though I knew close to nothing after the 20weeks of lectures. Our lectures were one kain. A lecturer would give a brief overview and may even ask questions in between. Then we go to smaller groups for about 15mins where the group leader reads out the answers to given questions from a book. A person is appointed to present to the class. We go on a short break. Get back to class for presentations. Then the lecturers may explain some other things and ask questions. We pay so much to teach ourselves. Law school is not a joke and then we graduate only to be paid peanuts. Why should a lawyer be paid 20k or even 80k in some areas in Lagos? There are law firms in Lagos and Abuja that pay 45k and less. Mstcheeew. That can't even buy a work outfit or aso-ebi. So now you know why more lawyers are opting out of practice.

After 20 weeks of lectures, we were posted to courts and law firms in towns of our choice for attachments. It was on our way home that we lost some dear ones to an accident and injuries sustained from it. A few couldn't return to school for exams, no thanks to death. It's hard to forget them. Some good ones really don't last. The attachments were the time for us to get acclimatized to the conduct of courts and law firms and study for exams. I started studying but BBA no gree me. I made sure I filled my log book everyday as if that's all that mattered. We returned to school for portfolio assessment, revision, mock trials and exams. I enjoyed the revision classes. I got advice to read but also take time to eat and sleep and yes, I slept. I read on my bed so whenever I was tired or felt I had understood, I took a nap. I noted areas I didn't understand so I could ask people, that's what my bbm was for.

I did not read on my birthday, 09/08. I wasn't feeling too well and was thinking I would have to travel home for treatment. I skeptically went to the school clinic the following Monday and got better almost immediately. There was no other way to celebrate so my friends and I got henna done. Bagauda is dry ehn, my Oga had to order my cakes from Abuja. My (Anglican) church members celebrated me after the evening service. There was lots of dancing in my room afterwards. It was a good day.

I started my exams 14/08/13 and ended 23/08/13. I was home the following day. The waiting period was terrible. I had been having weird dreams while in school and it continued. You could doze off  in school and within the 5minutes dream of your mom slapping you as she asks if you came to law school to sleep. I dreamt once that my Call to Bar was in Paris. I made 1st class and cried while giving a speech vowing to go back to Uni to study law again and make a 1st class. No peace of mind in and out of school. You'll be praying in church and you'll suddenly remember the procedure for winding up a company or filing a petition. Some people would say they saw visions that this or that would come out, all na wash! They only form those from past questions.

One needs brilliance, money for tuition and books and most importantly God. I had no idea I would do well in my Bar Finals. I can't thank God enough. I was called to the Bar on 28/11/13. Many times I dreamt that I failed. Now I'm grateful I was in Kano campus where I had no avenue to socialize. Oh, I visited Tiga dam, Zaria and Kaduna. When next would I visit the North? Errm, does Abuja count? Shout out to Bar Finalists. I see most of y'all are gallant, pinging, updating bbm. All the very best. Xoxo, Anuoluwapo.

United States of Kano
First week in school
2013 Birthday

*NLS = Nigerian Law School
 NYSC = National Youth Service Corps
CDS = Community Development Service
 Uni = University
 Omo onise = Domestic helps
 One kain = Funny
 BBA = Big Brother Africa was a distraction
 BBM = BlackBerry Messenger
 All na wash = Don't believe any of it
 The Bar = Nigerian Bar
 Y'all = You all

N.B: That was a summary of my experience. I do not speak for anyone else. Don't be afraid of law school. If I made it, you can.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Anuchef: Chicken sweet and sour sauce

My dear bloghearts, how are you doing? I thought to give you this as e dey hot. It's an Asian sauce that I love so so much. It can be made with pork, shrimps, fish,... My Oga often treated me to it. I never thought I could make it until a friend recently made something similar for her birthday. I looked at recipes and created a suitable one and yes it turned out very nice.

For sauce

  • 2/3 cup vinegar
  • 8tbs brown sugar
  • 2tbs ketchup
  • 2tsp soy sauce
  • 4tsp corn starch mixed with 8tsp water
  • Pineapple chunk (diced)
  • 2 large green pepper (optional)
  • 2 sticks of carrot (optional)
  • 1 bulb of onion (optional)
  • Garlic (optional)
  • Ginger (optional)
  • Food coloring (optional). Restaurants use this to give it a rich red color. We don't need it, do we?
For chicken batter
  • Chicken
  • 1/3 corn starch
  • 1/3 flour
  • 1 tbs baking powder
  • Water
  • 1 tbs soy sauce
  • Oil
Chicken batter
  1. Mix corn starch, flour, baking powder, water and soy sauce. Add the chicken and make sure it's well soaked in the mixture. Allow to marinade for 10 minutes.
  2. Remove and fry in hot oil.
  3. Set aside.
  1. Wash the green pepper, remove the seeds and dice.
  2. Wash and scrap the carrots and cut thinly.
  3. Wash and slice the onions
  4. Grate some ginger
  5. Cut some garlic
  6. Add very little oil to a pan and add 1 - 5 above. Stir-fry on low heat. 
  7. Get a bowl. Add and mix the vinegar, brown sugar, ketchup, soy sauce.
  8. Get another clean bowl. Add and mix the corn starch and water.
  9. Add 8 to 7 and mix again.
  10. Add 9 to 6 and bring to boil. It thickens here. You can always add a corn starch and water mixture for a thicker consistency.
  11. Add the fried chicken.
  12. Add the diced pineapple chunk and stir.
  13. Serve with Chinese (basmati) rice, Singapore noodles, egg fried rice or even your regular rice or pasta.
I served it with Chinese rice. I'm sorry I forgot to take a picture. You should try it, you'll love it. Send me photos when you do. Thanks for reading again and your kind words. Please send me recipes, topics and posts. Dr. Lini and Larmmie where are you? Shout out to new blogheart Engr Duvy/Beauty By Duvy. I saw your kind words, thanks for reading through the posts.

Talk to you soon. Talk to me before then. All my love, Anuoluwapo.

*Tbs = Tablespoon
 Tsp = Teaspoon
 As e dey hot = Fresh
 Corn starch = corn flour
Marinading the chicken. Perhaps the water was too much
Vinegar, soy sauce, ketchup, brown sugar, corn starch + water mixture
Ready to eat
Carrots, green pepper, onion, garlic and ginger

Friday, 15 August 2014

3 boyfriends in a year, wants a hubby

How are you doing Anu? I love you and your thought process. I'll love your opinion on this. I've known a babe for a year. She is beautiful, focused and very funny, in a razz way. But that doesn't really matter because she lights up a room and turns sad to happy. The problem is in the one year I've known her, she has had at least 3 "serious" relationships. She is close to 30 and desperate for marriage. She says yes to every guy and double dates like a pro. Now she is talking marrying my brother. I am totally against it. What do you think? Leave me as an anon pls.

Hello. I'm good, thanks. What I would do in your shoes is to let my brother know my concerns. I'll most likely tell him everything in her presence so it won't seem like bad belle or I'm being an hypocrite. It would then be up to my brother to decide whether to go on or not. It's not like I would be involved in their marriage or anything. Thanks for writing in and I hope I was of help. Hopefully, some bloghearts would share their wisdom with us. 

Thanks for reading bloghearts. I'm thinking of making my next post about life in the Nigerian Law School. Please follow this blog so you would know whenever I put up a post. Xoxo, Anuoluwapo.

#Brocodes #GoddoncatchJohnny

How are you my dear sisters on the blog?Today we'll be exposing the tricks of the brothers, how they play on our fragile hearts and emotions. We will embarrass the spirit of Johnny in their lives, amen. Guys generally support themselves. You introduce two guys and they are already sharing a hearty laugh and planning to share drinks. You introduce two babes and they spend the whole time sizing each other up, keeping to themselves and forming stupid form. A girl calls 3 of her man's friends and they all say "Oh, sorry about that. Johnny has been with me since morning. He had wanted to leave but I need him to help me with something." Or you report your man to his friend and he says "But you know Johnny loves you and would never hurt you. Don't mind the other girl, she is the one on his case." They never say "babe shine your eyes oh" or "Johnny isn't serious with you." But  a guy calls his girlfriend's friend and she says "Tinu told you she is spending the weekend at mine ke? I haven't spoken to her this week o. Have you asked Tunde?... Oh you don't know Tunde? Maybe you ask her. He is her friend or colleague or something. Let me know when you hear from her sha." I know these are bad examples but I hope you get the drift. A lady rarely stops to give another a ride. We tend to give ourselves a hard time. Rather petty of us.
So here are a few of the unwritten but accepted bro codes. Perhaps these will give us insights into their thoughts. It's not an excuse for you to get paranoid though.
  • To be a smooth ladies man, it's imperative that people don't know you're one. 
  • You must always have a bro's back. No exceptions.
  • Never seem desperate. Don't blow up a babe's phone, give her attention but keep her wanting more.
  • When a bro's babe asks about his whereabouts, he is either with you or you know nothing.
  • When a bro designates you as his wingman, you may not fail him.
  • You should excuse the bro if he brings a babe over, even if it's your room and it was unannounced.
  • A bro will never get with a bro's mom, sister or daughter.
  • A bro will never ask for fuel money for a ride unless he is truly hard up.
  • A bro will never make another bro look bad in front of a target girl.
  • If a bro's babe calls to ask about the bro's action the night before (whether he was at yours or not), you will always claim he was there or still with you.
  • A bro will always give his bro's girl a ride to wherever.
  • A bro will always help boost another's confidence.
  • A bro must always maintain a safe physical distance from a bro's girl.
  • A bro must always treat to food when a bro is broke.
  • Bros over chics.
  • Being a bro has nothing to do with gender or blood ties. Bros = loyalty.
  • A bro always has another's back and never hesitates to cover each other
  • If she's everyone's chic, you should pass her to the bros.
  • You must help your bro get a babe. Let him use your car, apartment, lend him money...
  • The "unbroke"  bro pays for food, drinks and doesn't announce it to the world.
  • A bro helps a bro up when he is down. 
  • Love a girl who loves you even at your worst.
  • A girl who doesn't like your bros doesn't like you.
  • You should never isolate yourself because you have a babe now.
  • It must never seem that your woman wears the pants.
  • You should find time to hang out with the bros.I'm sure there are much more but no guy agreed to give me any tips. Kindly add some more if you know any and refute any you feel is incorrect.

I put up a photo on Instagram and bbm and quite a number of people have called and pinged to ask about the hair I was wearing (it's the same hair I had on for the makeover by lbvmakeovers in a recent post). So I thought to recommend ShawnĂ© for your good and affordable weaves. Contact is @shawne_exquisitehair on Instagram,  08032778522, 08077792910, email me later *winks*

Thanks for reading bloghearts. Don't forget to recommend topics and send in your recipes. Thank you.

I had to show you my hair

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Balling in the Lord? :D

Pastors, evangelists, prophets are balling now ehn. Things changed before I could say "l love Anuoluwapo." I was watching TV recently with a mommy. A pastor came on and she had no nice words for rich men of God. I understood her point but why should pastors be excluded from the good life? Why can't their children go to good schools? Why can't Pastor(Mrs) go on vacations? Was she created only to pray, fast and counsel? You can not dedicate that much time and energy to God's work yet you can hate on those who do. Jesus didn't die for that. Income belongs to the church and not the pastor. He should be paid a reasonable salary like any other worker.

However, my dear father in the Lord, if you have a fleet of cars, fly strictly first class, everything "tear rubber" and your members take keke home after church, there is a problem. Mother G.O. rocks the nicest baddest weaves yet her "children" make kojusoko, suku, wool and darling yaki. No, they don't feel they are holier, they are broke! You are close to a failure. What exactly is your joy? Yes, live a good but decent and modest life. What do you think Paul would have done in your shoes? Okay, how about Jesus?

There are pastors/evangelists who pray in commercial vehicles and at motor parks and ask for offerings. Like that's their means of livelihood. They don't pastor churches, they don't preach. They are not affiliated to any reasonable ministry. The money earned goes to their pockets. Service to their pockets not to God.

I also know that there are professional praise worship leaders, choir members and instrumentalists. They may not necessarily have a passion for God. They are interviewed and employed like they are applying for a job at any organisation. How about gospel artistes who stop half way through their "ministration" to praise a politician or whoever the rich person is? Man will eat abi? God dey!

It's all so funny to me how money motivates us to serve God. Perhaps I should keep my mouth shut now because it's not like I'm better. Thanks for reading my people. I have been busy. Hopefully we'll have loads of fun time to ourselves in a bit. Chinese food recipe? Come back bloghearts. Love you

Monday, 11 August 2014

My birthday

So I was 16 again on Saturday and yes, I had a very good day. I went for a vigil at 11pm on Friday and got back home at 5:30am. I published a post and went to sleep. I got up after 6am to a hateful comment telling me i'm an unexposed local champion on my birthday. That isn't  constructive criticism, is it? Just because I said we shouldn't encourage our unmarried young ones to use condoms. Don't be an accessory, don't you have enough sins of your own? If they want to sin, it's between them and God. I reckoned it was a faceless person or a frenemy trying to upset me so I deleted the comment, put up comment moderation and went back to sleep. Just so you know no one is allowed to hate on me and my bloghearts. This is a mature blog, kindly air your views like you're actually exposed.

My friends and I ran into a crazy traffic on our way to Hope Orphanage, Idofian. The inconvience was quickly forgotten when we saw the beautiful children. We spent quality time with them. Little Emmanuel sang me a birthday song. It was a beautiful time. We also had boat rides at Unilorin dam. It was so much fun. I strongly recommend it for pre-wedding photos or just a fun day out. As we were leaving a friend said she had loads of fun but it would have been more fun if my brother were around. My brother is fun like that, all shades of amazing.

A big thank you to everyone who made it happen. My moms, dad, uncle, Bimpe, Motunrayo, Ogbe, Musinat, Dunmomi, Lolade, Adeola, Ayotunde, Fullness, Nneka, cousin and birthday mate Ini, cousin Foyinsola, Damilare, Mopelola, baby Ibukunoluwa and of course my dear hubby, the executive producer of this blog that approves every single post before it's published. I'm grateful for the love and kindness I was shown by everyone. I'm grateful to God for another beautiful year. It's going to be a fabulous year for us all. Amen!

Thanks for reading bloghearts, enjoy the photos. I had the same poses, sorry I no too sabi pose.
Ogbe and I 

Mopelola of 235 Couture, Anuoluwapo and Lolade(she baked the cakes)
Ayotunde and I.

Adeola of Aloeda makeovers, Anuoluwapo and Nneka

Fullness and I

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Condoms? Yay or nay?

I recently heard an old mama ayounge say she would, with all joy, give her children their first condoms and steady supply thereafter. She wasn't talking to me in particular so I just siddon dey look. She is a typical sister caro because today she talks about choir practice and invites us to her church and she be turning up at clubs tomorrow. While her contemporaries have PTA meetings at mind, she totally refused to slow down. Such a role model.

I would never buy condoms for my child, married or otherwise. It's not in my job specifications. If I do see a condom or just the wrapper with my unmarried child, he or she will hear it oh. Dear future baby, I hope you get to read this. Don't ever try mommy. I get the point that one can't stop one's children from having sex. They can't be monitored and protected 24/7, a 18year old is an adult and can make many decisions including whether or not to have sex. I agree 100%. But don't be giving me the teach them to play safe card. Complete nonsense! When I go home with a seemingly good result that has my peers hailing me, my mom would ask why I didn't have an A. When I say "Anhanh mommy, a lot of people failed o." She says "But someone got the highest. Why couldn't it have been my child? I don't care about what others scored. I know you can make it and you should work harder." On that note, why can't your child be exemplary? Why should your boy be allowed to fornicate because others do?

Has God's standard changed? Will it? So why should yours? You're the parent, act the part. Let your child know right and wrong, benefits of doing right and consequences of doing wrong. If he or she decides to sin, you've done your part, it's between him or her and the maker. He shouldn't bring any of it near you. Don't be an accessory to sin because the sin is a normal thing to do. Why don't you buy bullet proof vests for him to be an armed robber, or skimpy clothes to help her be a runs girl. Those are now random too, you know? Be ye not conformed to the world. Ye are the light of the world. Please please, having a family is secondary, making heaven is primary. Nothing/no one is worth missing heaven for.

No, I do not have a child but I know right from wrong. I also do know it's not as easy as I run my mouth. It will be easy for us in Jesus' name. Thanks for reading. Xoxo, Anuoluwapo.
Still talking about children, I strongly recommend you make inquiries about this school before the next academic session resumes. I'm not into advertisement but i'll recommend "stuffs" that I can use myself. If you want to publicise anything on here, please feel free to let me know but be ready to give one or two of your products/services to my bloghearts. I'm not LIB, I have, only, atleast a 100 pageviews everyday but some posts get more than 500 views but then hey, it's free and you don't know who may just be reading.

Dear bloghearts, thanks for reading. Do come back tomorrow, I'll have something really special for you. All my love, Anuoluwapo

Thursday, 7 August 2014

My makeover + job vacancies

I had a fun evening yesterday courtesy of my sweetie @lbvmakeovers (on instagram). She gave me a bridal look. I went from being a village beauty to a sisi eko within an hour. Make up is such a beautiful thing when worn modestly and appropriately. Will I start wearing makeup on a regular? No. Did I enjoy the process? Totally and I love the results. Even Pep (my Lhasa apso) got to be part of the shoot (photos of that will be on IG later). Please feel free to feast your eyes on the power of make up.

Vacancy exists in a new and growing creche, kindergarten and primary school for the following positions

  1. Headmistress
  2. Class teachers
  3. Assistant class teachers
  4. Registered nurses
  5. Nannies
  6. Front desk officer
  7. Security men
  8. Store keeper
  9. Gardener
  10. Cleaners
Minimum experience is 5 years except for the position of headmistress that requires 10 years minimum experience. Kindly forward your C.V. to as soon as possible as the interview is this Saturday, August 9 at Kingseed, opposite Mountain of Fire Ministries, Oke-odo, Ilorin. Time will come in later. Please don't keep this to yourself. If you have or know of any vacancies, please share.


That's enough photos for one night I guess. Follow @lbvmakeovers and I @tarabauer_  on IG for more photos. I'm happy when young people take risks, set up their own businesses and face with zeal. We need to learn to support ourselves and stop bringing ourselves down. I will encourage you, holla! God bless our hustles. Thanks for reading bloghearts. See you tomorrow God's willing.