Saturday, 3 October 2015

Lets have a baby, abroad!

It seems to me that having one's children abroad is the in thing now. Everybody aspires to join the club of mothers of "Tokunbos." You go and give birth abroad, inconvenience the people you stay with. You even inconvenience yourself because you can't be as comfortable as you would be in your home. In Nigeria, you have family, friends, church members, neighbours and even strangers going out of their way to help you. Want everyone at your beck and call? Have a baby! Okay, I exaggerated a little but you get what I mean right?

Who has time to be with and help you abroad? You're lucky if you get one or two helping out a bit. In my world, a woman who just put to bed should only bathe, eat, feed her baby, sleep and attend to guests whenever she can. That's the only time some women get pampered by their inlaws. My point is coming from the African tradition, you don't get the help you need when you're alone abroad. Well, except you have a vacation home and domestic staff over there. Squatting, when its not nescessary, with someone is not it

Some travel to countries where their children would not even become citizens by virtue of being born there. So really, what's the point? I know someone who had a baby abroad and was back within 4 days because bills were piling up. Is that even safe for the mother and child? I know another babe who came back really skinny with her child after 2 months. Apparently, her mil went with her but she couldn't help out in any way because of her age. Hence, she really was on her own.

The state of the health care sector in Nigeria is a story for another day but not like delivery na. Where complications that the doctors can not handle may arise, the doctors would have advised the pregnant lady. I read a post where someone said she had issues and flew to her gynaecologist in New York or so. I think its a total waste of money. Our gynaecologists are really good. Some people travel abroad for medical check up. How will our health care sector grow that way? As medical tourism grows, our healthcare sector suffers. Let our doctors do their jobs. Yes there are some cases that need to be flown out but not like headache, malaria, typhoid,... Why not travel abroad for your weekly ante natal?

Someone told me if he has 12million naira, he'll rather have his wife deliver their 3rd child abroad than buy a property or invest in business. Seriously???

What do you think? I love you for reading, Anuoluwapo.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Independence Day Giveaway

Happy Independence Day Nigerians! Long life and prosperity, death to corruption in Jesus' name. Amen!
I look forward to a Nigeria where you don't have to know a governor or be a child of an oga at the top to get a good job or contract. A Nigeria where merit means something. A Nigeria where corrupt leaders are prosecuted and shamed by all. A Nigeria where living/schooling overseas does not seem glamorous. After all, its harder to get into a federal university in Nigeria than a school abroad. A Nigeria where politics requires hardworking diligent persons who are passionate about good governance and not their pockets. A Nigeria where children of corrupt leaders are ashamed to post their parents ill-gotten wealth on social media. A Nigeria with free and quality healthcare. Don't you think government officials should be stopped from seeking medical treatments abroad especially when we have competent hands on ground here? Or perhaps unlike the masses, they have two heads. Abi, why should anyone travel out to treat malaria, thyphoid or to have a baby? #GistForAnotherDay.
Drastic measures need to be taken about the condition of public schools and fast. If the children of these "rich" people go to public schools, I'm sure the story would be different. A Nigeria where we do not have to rely on imported goods so much. Imported clothes, imported cereals, even imported sense. Choosing "oyinbo" mentality and mannerisms over our Africans ways. A Nigeria where OAPs can be proud to speak like the Nigerians that they are #GistsForAnotherDay.
A Nigeria with free Wi-Fi? :D Yes please! Constant power supply and water should come quickly. Lack of/erratic power supply is killing businesses. How about water? *sigh* I was sleeping soundly until NEPA held the light again. Am I the only one who still says NEPA and not PHCN? Now the baby girl is wide awake. Thanks again NEPA *side eye*
What are your wishes for Nigeria? What would you be doing today? Why are you excited about today? Don't tell me its only because today is a public holiday. It sounds like a valid one to me anyways.
To the giveaway: The photos posted are by @banjyteimagery in celebration of Nigeria's 55th Independence Anniversary. I love them all. He is also kind enough to give a reader of this blog a free portrait session. Great right? To win this giveaway, you need to follow @banjyteimagery and @anutoki on instagram. Post (or repost from either of our handles) at least one of the independence day themed pictures. Tag @banjyteimagery and @anutoki Mention your friends to like. The post with the highest likes wins. Simple as ABC. Contest starts now and ends by 12noon on October 10th. Hurry now to give yourself an head start. This giveaway has to be redeemed in Ilorin. It is also transferable.

Have a great celebration. Thanks Mr Banjyte for the giveaway. Thank you for reading. I hope to read from you in the comments. I love you for reading, Anuoluwapo.