Saturday, 3 October 2015

Lets have a baby, abroad!

It seems to me that having one's children abroad is the in thing now. Everybody aspires to join the club of mothers of "Tokunbos." You go and give birth abroad, inconvenience the people you stay with. You even inconvenience yourself because you can't be as comfortable as you would be in your home. In Nigeria, you have family, friends, church members, neighbours and even strangers going out of their way to help you. Want everyone at your beck and call? Have a baby! Okay, I exaggerated a little but you get what I mean right?

Who has time to be with and help you abroad? You're lucky if you get one or two helping out a bit. In my world, a woman who just put to bed should only bathe, eat, feed her baby, sleep and attend to guests whenever she can. That's the only time some women get pampered by their inlaws. My point is coming from the African tradition, you don't get the help you need when you're alone abroad. Well, except you have a vacation home and domestic staff over there. Squatting, when its not nescessary, with someone is not it

Some travel to countries where their children would not even become citizens by virtue of being born there. So really, what's the point? I know someone who had a baby abroad and was back within 4 days because bills were piling up. Is that even safe for the mother and child? I know another babe who came back really skinny with her child after 2 months. Apparently, her mil went with her but she couldn't help out in any way because of her age. Hence, she really was on her own.

The state of the health care sector in Nigeria is a story for another day but not like delivery na. Where complications that the doctors can not handle may arise, the doctors would have advised the pregnant lady. I read a post where someone said she had issues and flew to her gynaecologist in New York or so. I think its a total waste of money. Our gynaecologists are really good. Some people travel abroad for medical check up. How will our health care sector grow that way? As medical tourism grows, our healthcare sector suffers. Let our doctors do their jobs. Yes there are some cases that need to be flown out but not like headache, malaria, typhoid,... Why not travel abroad for your weekly ante natal?

Someone told me if he has 12million naira, he'll rather have his wife deliver their 3rd child abroad than buy a property or invest in business. Seriously???

What do you think? I love you for reading, Anuoluwapo.


Launna said...


Launna said...

Anuoluwapo, I personally want to have my child in the country they will be living... I guess to each his own decision xix ♡

Anonymous said...

Nice write up, but i tink most times our opinions are subject to our pocket or income as d case may be (not always thou). We wld only be deceiving ourselves if we say nigerian medical facility is better dan dos advance countries we talk about. Someone who has 'enough' money would nt see any big deal in giving birth abroad. Personally, even dou i dnt av d money naw, i stil dont see anytin wrong in giving birth abroad its ur choice once u av d capacity nd u did not tk 'loan' just to do that. But i understand perfectly d angle you are speaking from, some pple truly inconvenience dem selves just to join d trend.

Blogoratti said...

Each to his own as the saying goes. Greetings!

esquire said...

Greetings. Pls lets look at the state of the country. For crying out loud, if you can find money to deliver your child abroad and make the child have dual citizenship, I believe you are doing yourself and the child a favour. The truth is most public hospitals in Nigeria aren't well equipped and secondly the way those nurses also handle the pregnant women is really upsetting. My dear. I will spend my last dime to see that my kids have another option as citizens. That's the reason I believe many Nigerians are flying out to deliver. To give thier kids another option if Nigeria no better by the time they are grown. Some women were pregnant abroad during the 60s and 70s and flew back to Nigeria to deliver. That was when the dollar to Naira made sense.

I have heard of many women who lost their babies due to improper management and skill.

Except u have money to go to the private expensive hospitals. Its tough. Na so so prayer oh

Anuoluwapo said...

Aren't expensive private hospitals cheaper than travelling abroad?
Are you saying our doctors can't take delivery?
Most of the countries people go to don't give citizenship based on being born there. Those that still give sef are stopping it.
If you can't afford and afford it conveniently, what's the point?

Happy Sunday everyone

Esquire said...

Well. I think you need to do a little research. Check out the public hospitals and the situations surrounding child delivery. And secondly. Those who go to countries who aren't giving citenzenship are not wise to me anyway but I strongly don't think most ppl go there. I know most ppl go to the US and Canada these days. And and they are still giving oh.

As regards convenience in affording it, I will say, is there anything you really believe that will pay off later in future that you will consider convenience first before you give it a shot? If u can't afford it then no wahala but if can afford it but maybe not conveniently then its no problem. Eg. If you can't afford skool fees conveniently, will you rather sit down at home? If you can't afford to pay the medical bills for your sick child conveniently, would you rather allow the child to die? My point is I don't think convenience should be considered as priority if you can see a bright future on something you intend to achieve.

Anonymous said...

Oh Anu! Its been a while oh! Pele Nne.. Life e haf Carry me with her plenRRy plenRRy wahala of growing up and Dreaming big :(

Thing is.. to me yeah.. If you have the means to do it.. Then like Janyl would say.. "Why not if not?!" Life is about choice and reasoning.. So **In T-Notes voice.. "To all man his own.." Some of the people who travel abroad do so for citizenship purposes.. and that i totally understand and would do if i could.. I mean I wouldn't want my children suffering the suffer i haf suffered nah.. But when there is no aim of doing it.. and you just do it cause you see others doing it... then it is to that I will frown.

Like i always say Nne.. Whatever rocks your boat.. So if a lady wants to deliver in Afghanistan.. Na she know oh!

About the Nigerian Health Sector.. Nne.. If I had my way yeah, I would travel to the UK to get treated even for a sneeeze.. Cause the way some of these clinics treat their patients with impunity only leaves one wondering if they hacSHually swore the Hippocratic oath.. Cheers Bubba.

P.S: Can i send you an Email on #BLUEAfrica.. Please say Yes Anu.. Pretty please.. **Wears Puppy faced smile.

Unknown said...

Two years ago, my new born niece died from an infection she picked up from the Neo-natal unit of the hospital where she was delivered here in Lagos. The hospital knew babies were picking up infections from mutated bacteria in their wards but did nothing about it until 13 babies had died. She was just 17 days old. My sister who carried the pregnancy also almost lost here life in the same hospital due to mismanagement. Agreed, she had unique complications but it was something that should have been easily handled by a hospital that supposedly had the best rate of survival among premature babies in the country.

Having gone through that experience, it was a no-brainer that she would be sent abroad once she conceived again. She had the same special complications the 2nd time around but because she was in a country where the health system works, she delivered safely and is now nursing a healthy baby boy.

Experience they say, is the best teacher. I will personally not allow any of my children to be born in Nigeria. I am not concerned about dual-citizenship. I am simply looking out for the safety of my unborn children and future wife.

Anonymous said...

Aha nah Anu! Where are you nne?! Eeez not fair eh! **Holds broken Heart..