Saturday, 28 February 2015


If you're here because you want a freebie, please say to yourself "awuuf will not run my belle" Amen! Everybody likes freebies. You want "jara" when you buy pepper. I like to get a freebie or gift. The other day, I was so happy that I won a pair of shoes on Eniwealth's blog. So I'm not saying it's wrong. Some people however would jog round the world to win a blouse.

There are so many juicy competitions on instagram. It's normal to like something and wish to win even if you can afford it. But when half or more of your posts are reposts/regrams from giveaways and you're constantly asking us to follow a profile and like a picture, there's a problem o. Tibs had to cancel the laptop giveaways on her blog when people started lobbying and going out of their way to win. It's never that serious. Is the giveaway your inheritance? Why must you always receive? Would you lose your front teeth if you give?

Everything should be in moderation. Don't go all out of your way except it's a trip around the world. *coughs* Kindly let me know so I can also contest. If we put that effort into our "hustles" or schooling, we may not be where we are, just saying.

Thanks for reading bloghearts. Hopefully we'll have loads of giveaways soon *winks* I'm working on that. Love love, Anuoluwapo

Thursday, 26 February 2015

I'm not sorry

So I have something very light on my mind...I noticed something lately - People are finding it EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to apologize....I dunno if it is just me or people around me. These days, it seems everybody has a justifiable reason for doing something idiotic or stupid and then BAM!...You hear the person say 'I am Unapologetic'.... I mean really?!...Let's talk...

When I go late to my classes, I get in there and I throw an apology into the wind 'I am sorry I am late' and then I take my seat. That apology is for my lecturer and the students for interrupting them...buh other students don't seem to care. A student came in 90mins late into the lecturer today and she just took her seat and at the end of the lecture, she asked my lecturer for the attendance pad and my lecturer told her, he had marked her absent, instead of apologizing and maybe telling the lecturer why she came in late after a 1-week holiday, she said, 'The fact still remains that I attended this lecture and you saw me and I saw you too, You can't possibly mark me absent when I am present'....I mean....Whatever happened to Apologizing?!?!?!?

I had a presentation today and one of my colleagues who presented, seemed to have presented the wrong lecturer allowed him finish and then called his attention to the mistake he made and he said this to my lecturer, 'No knowledge is ever wasted, even if this is the wrong topic, I still believe someone learned something from this...and I still had a presentation, that has to count for something right?'....Seriously?!!? I don't get why he didn't just apologize and let the whole class move on....he argued for bout 3 mins and get this -------Still NO apology!!!!!!

I was running to catch the elevator some days ago and there was a lady inside the elevator, I expected her to hold the elevator for me especially since she saw me buh nope!..she pressed 'Close doors'....I mean, even when she saw me running to catch the elevator! I got there on time and caught it......when I got in, I expected her to apologize or flash a smile or something to show she is sorry....buh nope!....She held her head high and her nose in the air like she didn't do anything wrong....the elevator stopped on the 9th floor for someone to get it...a guy was standing outside and he was on the phone buh he was trying to dismiss the person on the line when she pressed the'Close doors' button again, now I flipped and yelled, 'The fuck is wrong with you mami?'....the guy looked at me, came in, apologized for making me hold the elevator for him and looked at the other lady disgustingly.....**screaming** and she still didn't apologize!!!!!!!

I need someone to tell me that this is not just happening to me...Are people becoming allergic to Apologies or what?....cuz that would just mean that we have reached a new'barbaric' in this world....and that sucks!

What do you think?

Can you tell this post wasn't written by me? It was written by a charming lady I love to call Superwoman. Tibs is a wife, post-graduate student, store owner, OAP with two shows and still posts on her blog everyday! She posted this on Monday and was kind enough to allow me share it here. Thank you Tibs. Thanks bloghearts, have a great day. Anuoluwapo

Tuesday, 24 February 2015


I saw the epic twitfight between Wizkid and Skales yesterday, o serious gan. I didn't have time to read through the tweets but I saw they were both saying "I did this for you", "you did this/that", "you wear fake chains", "I wrote that song for you." Trust Nigerian Twitter to add fire. I have no idea as to the cause of their feud so I'm not trying to apportion blames. The twitfight was however too childish. Wizkid made a statement that translates to him being pushed to the wall and he would be responding to "haters". Maybe he had to defend himself to stop unnecessary disrespect. Being on social media is not compulsory. A celebrity who needs to be on social media should have his PR or management handle his accounts if he can't take the heat from fans. It may be difficult but nobody should twit fight, it's like fighting on the road.

The insults they were tweeting were very funny, in a bad way. I kept thinking "Which kin eye would they use to look at each other when they settle". I think it's so primary school when two friends have issues and one deems it an opportunity to run her mouth. Everything she saw or had been told, in confidence, when the going was good becomes an item on the agenda in every meeting. Seriously, who does that? Are you 6 or 26?

It's impossible for twins to agree on everything, talkless friends. Friends have issues and they settle. How would the friendship continue when you've made your supposed friend's private life public? No matter how hard you work to make things right between you two, it may not be as smooth as it was. The friend would count the words she says in your presence. It turns best friends to acquaintances. It may even affect her friendship with others.

Thanks for reading guys. Missed me? Xo, Anuoluwapo.

*P.S. Get in touch with @food2homeless to help the homeless and needy in Lagos state. God bless you.

Friday, 20 February 2015


Domestic abuse breaks my heart. It's a terrible situation to be in. A blossoming young lady gets married and becomes a shadow of herself. A man gets married and has his self esteem destroyed, no thanks to the wife. Some are masters at acting. She just updated "My husband is the best" while using foundation or looking for a long sleeve shirt to conceal bruises gifted to her by the "best" husband. Threatening you with a knife/bottle, slapping or hitting you is unacceptable. Your wife has no right to lock you out for coming home late or throw her pot at you in annoyance. But errm, night crawling is not a virtue, if you didn't know.
Former Mr Nigeria Bryan Okwara and musical sensation Di'ja
Non-physical abuse may even be worse. Nobody notices, depression creeps in as self-esteem/productivity creeps out. Some are unlucky to be taken away via BP/other health concerns arising from depression or suicide before help comes. If your spouse abuses you, please don't die in silence. Talk to people who should know/can help. People praying with you, therapy or some time apart may solve the issue.

Your boyfriend beats you, your girlfriend talks down your self esteem and you're still in the relationship? Are you naturally daft or waiting for angel Gabriel to show you the exit passage? Please don't bring stories that touch after marriage o, thank God you're not blind now. A broken relationship is better than a broken marriage. If you're not cool with or can not live with something your partner does, isn't it logical you pack your bags and leave? You know how hard it is to change yourself? You think it will be easy to change another?

It's not compulsory to be in a relationship please. I agree that no one is perfect but then you don't deserve to be abused. You should be thankful you realised before wedding him/her? What is he/she giving you that is worth your precious life, happiness and self esteem? Some breakups should be celebrated. So what you've been together for 6years? This is one time selfishness is allowed. Put your happiness first. Leave people to say whatever.

I wrote on domestic abuse some months back. I'll edit and share soon. Please don't miss it. Kindly overlook typos, it is 3am and I'm typing on my phone. Kudos to Emmanuel Ikubeses for taking this wonderful initiative. First two photos are courtesy the makeup artist #makeupbyyakky's dp. (Third is from LIB.) I think it's amazing that he is using his craft for a good deed. Same goes for Bryan, Di'ja and others involved. Thanks for reading bloghearts. Nothing but love, Anuoluwapo.

*Project RAW is a domestic violence awareness campaign. The acronym RAW stands for Respect A Woman and it's the brainchild of the current Mr Nigeria, Emmanuel Ikubese.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

My cousin is my cousin

So I have a cousin and a friend who sew. They are both really good. I feel I should patronise my cousin but she is way more expensive than the friend. Even when she brags about giving me a good price, she's still expensive. Also, my friend goes out of her way to please me. I'm closer to my friend than the cousin but I feel my cousin is my cousin. I should patronise her but it's at my detriment (financially). What would you do if you were in my shoes.

Hi bloghearts, how's the week going? I got this from a blogheart yesterday. It's a good topic to blog about. Kindly share your opinions. Remember this is our year of getting interactive? *kisses* I'll be back after class. Xo, Anuoluwapo.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Chic or agbero?

You don't have to go to school to be reasonable. However, there is a standard a literate is expected to meet. Why should you spend all those years in school and act like a tout? That's very unfair on yourself. We're too impatient. I smh when I see even daddies impatient in traffic. You see a clean babe turn into an agbero within seconds. Some of us boast about our inability to take shit. I'm not saying be a foot mat. However, there are polite ways of showing displeasure and anger. Someone hits your car isn't an excuse to scream the world down or get into a battle of words with a danfo driver even if you can't afford to let him go. What if he embarrasses you in ways you could never imagine. Even if he doesn't, you're making a scene, making a mockery of your lovely self. It's not about feeling superior, it's trying to improve yourself. 

There is a need to know when to make an exit, be quiet, speak, what words to speak and how to manage your temperament. It doesn't make you stupid. You're actually happier and at peace. We should be calm, courteous, collected and classy. Not loud, impatient, rude, uncouth and disrespectful. Offload the fire on your head abeg.

Thanks for reading bloghearts. Hopefully this won't be a very busy week so I can put up posts and you would send in your write ups. Errm *coughs* Hope you had a good weekend? Have a good week guys. Love love, Anuoluwapo.

*Smh = Shake my head

P.S. I had to enable word verification because I've been getting spammed. I hope to read from you.

Friday, 13 February 2015

Anuchef: Plantain sauce

Hi bloghearts, how are you doing? Plantain sauce is really easy to make and tasty. You want to try it.


  1. Fried plantain (diced)
  2. Shredded beef
  3. Carrots (diced)
  4. Peppers (green, yellow and red)
  5. Onion
  6. Olive oil
  7. Soy sauce
  8. Seasoning cubes
  9. Spices
  1. Heat up a little oil in a pan.
  2. Fry onion, carrot and beef.
  3. Add peppers and plantain.
  4. Add spices and season.
  5. Add soy sauce.
  6. Steam on low heat for about 5 minutes.
Thanks for reading. Do let me know when you try it. Xo, Anuoluwapo.

Monday, 9 February 2015

Lies women tell

  1. I'm on my period.
  2. I'm not mad at you.
  3. I don't what anything for valentine/my birthday.
  4. He is my uncle.
  5. It's not like I really like him sef.
  6. I love cooking.
  7. I'll be ready in a minute.
  8. I love you just the way you are.
  9. I'm fine.
  10. I will never forgive a man that cheats on me.
  11. I weigh xx kg
  12. I don't need a man.
  13. We're just friends, he's not interested.
  14. They no dey catch latecomer for marriage o. Getting married is the last thing on my mind.
  15. I love my fat body.
  16. I love sports.
  17. I'm different.
  18. I don't mind picking up the tab tonight, you always pay.
  19. I don't know.
  20. I don't have airtime.
  21. I'm hungry.
  22. I miss/love you.
  23. You took that shit? No man has ever tried it/will try it with me.
  24. I love kids.
  25. Your mom/sister is so beautiful.
  26. I no wan designer, I no wan ferrari, na your love alone I want.
  27. I don't mind if you go to the strip club with the boys.
  28. I've never done this before.
Thought to post this now, as promised, so I wouldn't forget. Hope you had a good laugh or wide smile. Please feel free to add yours. Thanks for reading bloghearts. I'll love to publish your posts, kindly send them in. Love love, Anuoluwapo.

P.S. Happy New Year my fellow RCCG members. It feels like a new year or your birthday, right? Enjoy!

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Why wait till you're Methuselah?

The rumors have been confirmed, the elections in Nigeria have been postponed and I'm not smiling about it. INEC has had four years to prepare. Is the Jega led commission incompetent? When the postponement talks began, allegedly by the PDP, I hoped it wouldn't see the light of the day. An excuse is that people have not gotten their PVCs. Abeg, anyone interested in voting would have gotten it. People traveled to the centers they registered to get it. It's not possible for everyone to go and get their PVCs. The security forces who have not been able to wipe out insurgency in years would do so in 6 weeks? That would be a wonderful development. I want to believe the decision to postpone is not a biased or influenced one. I loved how Mr Jega wasn't aggressive or upset during the question and answer session. God help him and the commission. We'll be watching and praying.

I lost my zeal briefly during the broadcast but it's back. Please don't lose yours too. Else, do not try to complain about bad governance during the next administration because you chose to fold your arms. God spare our lives far beyond March 28th and April 11th. Vote for the candidate you believe is competent and reliable. 

I have my preferred candidates but I'm afraid they may not be any better. You know how sweet people are when they want something and how they suddenly change when they have it. Even my small dog does that. They forget they would need us again soon because we always let them get away with it. They get the seat and it is only their family members that feel their impact. The rest of us can walk the streets for years job hunting or take jobs beneath our qualifications just to keep body and soul together. A silly babe recently questioned her father's "manhood" on social media upon seeing a politician's child's luxurious lifestyle. I understand how she felt but should her father become a shameless, godless and insensitive thief so she can travel the world and wear the most expensive labels? We will hustle and our hustle will take us around the world. Amen!

Seriously, we should stop debating and get involved in politics, to make a change and not grow a fat tummy. Why can't you at 40/50years be a governor/president? Why wait till you're Methuselah? Finally, vote for a candidate because you believe in his "gospel" not because you believe your pockets may be inflated. Such inflation is only temporary.

Thank you for reading bloghearts. I would love to read your opinions so please leave a comment. Xo, Anuoluwapo.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Story of my life

Dear bloghearts, how art thou? I just realised this post was due yesterday, i'm sorry it's late. So much happening around me - school, church, a friend's wedding tomorrow and Saturday *whoop whoop*, got fantastic news on Tuesday, my darling husband who also needs attention + Pep, my cute dog. I get really tired nowadays but Karen advised that I be prepared. I'm trying to use that advice which is why you still read from me every other day. Don't stop reading.

I have lectures 5 days a week which are mostly boring presentations. We write papers and present. Can you believe I'm the class rep of one of the two classes I look forward to? I would always shy away from such but... They use me well ehn. Calls, messages, e-mails round the hour. Some think I wade powers to make their wishes come true. Surprisingly, I love them and would go out for my way for them. I seem to be the youngest but they treat me well and respect me. I also try not to upset them. The lecturer is on point. I almost didn't want to take this course. I didn't really understand it as an undergraduate. Even in law school, arrgh! I had to love all my courses in Jesus' name. That name above every name helped me pass. So I wanted to run away from it but I said to myself "People who pass it in flying colours do not have 2 heads, believe in yourself Anu. + God is still in the business of helping you."

I had nothing in mind when I started writing this post. I hope those of you, and my other bloghearts, who keep asking me to write about my activities are happy now :p . Don't look forward to another one soon. lol. Thanks for reading. Oya leave a comment. All my love, Anuoluwapo.

P.S. I have a little valentine something for a blogheart who has gotten his/her PVC. Leave a comment or email

Monday, 2 February 2015

Supporter or competitor?

I saw this photo and was taken aback. Why can't you support someone in your line of business? Lawyers should support themselves. Doctors, bloggers, actors, business men should support other professionals within their field. They should even create an association/trade union to protect their interests. If you take life as a competition, you'll just kill yourself with BP. Life isn't that serious. Everyone is on his own lane. A makeup artist should see another's good work and appreciate not hate. A photographer should be able to recommend a colleague to a client if he would not be available. E maa wa ile aye maa ya.

If a competitor supports you, don't tag it as bad belle/hypocrisy. Not everyone has so much bile in their tummies like you do. Regarding someone as competition may be the beginning of the problem. Some people would refuse to train and inspire others because they don't want competition. They live for themselves and their businesses die with them. Mrs Tara Fela-Durotoye's businesses may not have grown so much if she kept her talent to herself and hid her light under a bushel. Support a sister/brother today. Love, Anuoluwapo.