Saturday, 25 April 2015

Out of the closet

We can stop wondering now, it's official. 65year old father of 6 and grandfather of 7, Bruce Jenner, is transitioning. His family, ex-wives, celebrities (such as Lady Gaga and Ellen) and open minded people are applauding him. Infact, he is being called a hero as he just saved lives. Apparently, people who feel they are in the wrong bodies and need a sex change would be motivated to come out of their closets.

Bruce has just schooled Kim Kardashian on how to break the internet. Twitter has lost sleep over it. I thought Nigerians, in the atmosphere of change, would readily accept it, but they busy pleading the blood of Jesus and asking he be taken for deliverance. We're a dramatic people, yea?

Tweets for and against changing sexes are flying around and I'm just here trying not to judge and observing. Initially, I felt it really isn't our business and he has a right to do as he wishes with his body as long as it's legal. Human Rights Activists and other concerned groups would soon start clamouring for sex transitioning to be part of our laws, that's if they haven't. If it is passed into law, how would you feel, if in 17 years, your child, spouse or parent wishes to transition? 

Are you open minded, conservative or indifferent about this? Anybody wants to (or knows anyone who wants to) transition?

Thanks for reading bloghearts. I'm waiting to read from you. Love, Anuoluwapo.

Friday, 24 April 2015

You owe yourself

Contrary to popular opinion, nobody owes you anything. Why are you pouting because your uncle didn't send you some money, your friend didn't get you a birthday gift, your cousin didn't get something for your baby or someone didn't visit you. When last did you get something for them? Oh, you gave expecting something in return? Have you died as they got nothing for you? Would it be a crime if you decide to be a cheerful giver yourself? You have no idea what's happening with them. Be content, you're not a beggar. Stop whinning and get productive, you owe yourself a good life.

I guess you know there are some parents who are not responsible for their children? How do you explain a parent who expects her teenage/undergraduate child to support her? Yes, it is so wrong but we should not take parents, who care for, feed, cloth, protect and put us in school, for granted.

We wouldn't be so disappointed if we stopped expecting so much. It makes us more appreciative when we do get something. Hopefully, there wouldn't be any nagging around here anytime soon.
Thanks for reading bloghearts. Love, Anuoluwapo.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Guess who is here

My bloghearts, how are you doing? I'm sorry I went MIA. I prepared you for it so don't be so upset. I finished my exams on Friday. I couldn't rest well before the good weekend began. A dear friend got married over the weekend and I had such a good time fussing over her, being happy for her and having a great time with my friends. And then yesterday I was at the UITH with the Euthanasia Initiative to share some love with some of the patients. So now you know why I've been away.

I have a 2week break, I guess, which I intend to spend on me and mine. No errands and no visits except you're one of my mothers, grand mom and aunties. Arrrgh, okay i'll be visiting but I need to rest in advance. 2nd semester won't be smiling.

I have becoming a fitfam and eating healthy on my to-do list for the year. I intend to start that and stick to it. I also hope to do a lot of reflection, drink more water, smile at every opportunity, stay away from the sun, rest well, no unnecessary gist and blog as much as I can. They all seem easy besides the working
out and eating healthy part. I already have to resist the urge to snack. Hopefully, I'll have positive updates for you in 2weeks. Wait for it.

Back to blogging it is. Thanks for waiting. Love love, Anuoluwapo.

*MIA = Missing In Action
 UITH = University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Keeping the jewels on my crown

I read this quote on Instagram and I was completely touched by it. It reminded me of how many times I had removed 'jewels' from my crown so that a man would 'love me' ... instead of finding a man that was worthy of me, I had lowered myself more times than I care to remember. Over the years I wondered what was wrong with me? Why was I still single? Especially when being married to someone I loved and who loved me was all that I wanted. 

I have never been the girl who wanted the big career, I have never been the girl that wanted fame and I have never been the girl that wanted excessive money... I have been the girl that wanted love. When it didn't happen over the years, I had began to think it must be me, something I was doing wrong... over the last year and a half, it came to me that I had been selling myself short with the men that I had dated. I had forgot my worth. 

I got less then I deserved because I had expected it, in my mind I didn't deserve much more... all of this came after I had lost 'him' as my best friend... because at one time I had thought I was SO lucky to have 'him'... I neglected to remember that 'he' was lucky to have me. When 'he' stopped being friends with me due to a misunderstanding that I was not given a chance to explain, I ended up falling into a depression... this was when my eyes and my heart started to open more. 

I begin to see how I had thought I deserved so little over my life and this was why I had so little... what you expect is what you get... I remember a night 'he' and I were talking before 'he' came home and I was so excited and I told him I deserved 'him'... he stopped me that night and said, did I ever think it was 'him' that deserved me?... I was touched by what he had said but I didn't believe it for a very long time. 
What we both neglected to remember was that love isn't about deserving one another, love is about loving ourselves first and giving the best of ourselves to the other person. I now know that I had not loved myself enough and because I didn't I was not able to truly love anyone else enough. I had lived with fear that I was going to be alone, since I couldn't love myself, how could anyone else love me either. 

Although I may not find the love of my life, I now know more than ever that I want nothing less ... especially since I am willing to give my all to the right person if they were to come along. I never thought I would write this or more I never thought I would believe this... but I would rather be alone than be with someone who didn't truly love me... I love myself enough to never settle for someone just because I think I deserve some kind of love. 

The truth is we all deserve love, the question is do we know that loving ourselves is really the answer?

I'm totally keeping the jewels on my crown. Yes, i'm a queen. So are you! (or a king as the case may be). Don't lose yourself because you want to be with someone. An example? I read on facebook this morning "How do I lose weight? My boyfriend wants me to lose weight or i'll lose him." I ignored the post because all I could think is "Is something wrong with you? Are you seriously considering it?" Your boyfriend should want you to lose weight because he wants you to be healthy and maybe look better. If he ever thinks and plays the "or else i'll leave you card", he isn't the one. Putting up with a boyfriend that hits you, disrespects you, cheats on you? Just look at your jewels on the floor. Why do you have to discard your life goals and happiness for a man or woman. You need to truly love yourself to love another and be loved right. If you're still looking at your jewels on the floor instead of in your crown, you do not love yourself.

I'm addicted to Launna's blog She is one wise lady who writes the truth from her experiences. I never leave her blog without learning (or having her remind me of) something. She's so so practical. I would love to spend a weekend getting to know her and learning from her experiences in person. Thanks Launna for letting me share this. Thanks for the prayers and for reading bloghearts. Love, Anuoluwapo.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Touching base

Hallos my bloghearts of life, long time no see? I missed y'all. How was your Easter? It's still Easter here until I push the sisters out of my door tomorrow morning as I head off to school. One of my fave people has been here with her sweet friend since Friday. They don't want to leave. I want them to stay forever but I have exams next week and I need to read. A friend was came in on Thursday and left on Sunday. I had a great time with family and friends at an orphanage on Saturday. We're going again on May 16th. If you're interested in being a part, please holla!

I am a big fan of Wendy Williams. I just saw my fave episode with Hakeem (from Empire) visiting. I'm busy grinning from ear to ear. You can imagine how much fun i'm having. I'm also so glad Jesus loves me, going on the cross for me. I hope you're also happy and having a good time.

I thought to touch base with y'all my lovers. I have some topics in my head I want to write about. I hope I'm able to do so soon. You do know you can send in topics and posts? I'll love to share some lovely posts I read with you. Wait for them.

Thanks for reading bloghearts, keep reading. Also, pray for me that I ace my exam (and any other things that comes to mind). I'll do same. Love love, Anuoluwapo.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015


A Yoruba adage says Owo epo l'araye bani la, won kin ba ni la t'eje which literally translates to People would lick a palm oil soiled hand but not a blood soiled one. You get what that means? They are there for you in your ups and vanish during your lows. Fair weather friends. The ability to differentiate friends from parasitic beings is a blessing. Some may not even need anything from you now but they are with you because they may need you tomorrow or because it's just cool rolling with you as a big boy or fine girl. Haven't you seen or heard it happen? I just saw it happen. Oh well, I was just told about it by the affected party. The funny part is how fast everything happened, the conspicuous disappearance to the appearance acts when everything was sorted #Abracadabra

Congratulations Nigerians! Democracy feels so good. Hopefully the incoming government won't disappoint us. If they do? We flush them out. Leadership is not anyone's inheritance. Not only them and their children sabi enjoy life.

I'm so excited about April and the blessings coming with it. It's my lovers' birth month (yes lovers, at least two of them sef), Easter... Have a very good April bloghearts. Love, Anuoluwapo