Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Guess who is here

My bloghearts, how are you doing? I'm sorry I went MIA. I prepared you for it so don't be so upset. I finished my exams on Friday. I couldn't rest well before the good weekend began. A dear friend got married over the weekend and I had such a good time fussing over her, being happy for her and having a great time with my friends. And then yesterday I was at the UITH with the Euthanasia Initiative to share some love with some of the patients. So now you know why I've been away.

I have a 2week break, I guess, which I intend to spend on me and mine. No errands and no visits except you're one of my mothers, grand mom and aunties. Arrrgh, okay i'll be visiting but I need to rest in advance. 2nd semester won't be smiling.

I have becoming a fitfam and eating healthy on my to-do list for the year. I intend to start that and stick to it. I also hope to do a lot of reflection, drink more water, smile at every opportunity, stay away from the sun, rest well, no unnecessary gist and blog as much as I can. They all seem easy besides the working
out and eating healthy part. I already have to resist the urge to snack. Hopefully, I'll have positive updates for you in 2weeks. Wait for it.

Back to blogging it is. Thanks for waiting. Love love, Anuoluwapo.

*MIA = Missing In Action
 UITH = University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital


Launna said...

Anuoluwapo, it is good to see you back... I am sure school keeps you very busy, we all understand and will be here when you are able to come and post. I am thrilled you had a nice time with your friend and her wedding... they are always special events xox

esquire said...

Welcome back. I m sure ur exams were good

yourstrulyblogposts.blogspot.com said...

Welcome back Hun and hope your exams eent well. Wishing your friend a happy married life :)

Anonymous said...

Welcome back sweet!

Anonymous said...

Oooosssshheeey Turn up! look who finished exas and ia sll excited :) I likey :).. Good luck Bubba, beRRa carry first oh!!! You know ehn Bubba, the part that made me smile is when you said "Smile More" Really we need to do so, cause on the long Run ehhhnnn.. This life na one.. So stay happy all time everytime..

Inother news... that is how all of you are Owambeing SOLO on ya own.. No Prior invitation to those of us that sleep all Weekend.. Diarisgodooo.. the painfullest part is that you will now come and go and be giving us ghen ghen gist... nawa oh! hehehehe nice to Read from you as always Anu.. There is something cute and endearing about how you write.. Cant quite put a finger to it... Oh well.. Till we read you again insha Allah.. Mbok stay happy! Stay smiling.. About FitFam.. **Yimu.. I pity all of you that are going about eating Ugu and green leaves.. If you wanna be fit.. Fast 3 times a week.. 6-6 drinking oly Papa to break.. you will be fit spiritually and physically by default .. **Shines teeth..

Unknown said...

Awwwwww....mami, I actually miss reading from you....buh it's all good eh....as long as you Murder'em!...that's all that matters...Muah!

Unknown said...

Welcome back dear. How was your exam?

Unknown said...

Welcome back hun..glad u back.xx

Unknown said...

e ka bo ma.... ki le ra bo?