Friday, 11 September 2015

ABH's Empowerment training 1

Hi bloghearts, had a good week? Yeah, TGIF! So, Alma Benevolence Home had a 4 day intensive empowerment/entrepreneural training for mothers having financial difficulties raising their children. Being the first of its kind, the turn out was low but the stress of putting it together wasn't. It started on the 4th of August. The trainees thereafter started and are still on their internship.

I want to thank everyone who made the project a success through their prayers, financial and moral supports. We got the venue, Latara Events' Place, for free. The trainers trained for free. We only had to pay for products/materials. We were on a tight budget so the host venue and trainers provided some of their materials/products to us for free. God bless you wonderful people.

The environment was so friendly and beautiful. You wouldn't believe most of us just met. The trainers are young and down to earth but mighty people. They know what they are doing. I would tell them to show up by 7am and they would. Amazing people, they really co-operated. I shared the idea with some people who snubbed me. Some friends and strangers, who have become friends, embraced it despite their busy schedules. Adeola (aloeday) has been my friend since 2007. It was more like I informed her :d I had makeup in mind when I told her but no one could have taught small chops better. Gloria was a sweet acquaintance I met through a dear baker friend. I had never met Toyyibah. She just had a baby and some plenty long story I don't want to get into now. I tried my best to dissuade her from coming but for where? She managed to come and was very active on the 4th day. I've known Mopelola since we were in jss1. I kept calling her round the clock. She was the organiser! I've known Fatima for too long, where do I start? She was a very friendly senior in secondary school and school mother in law school :d I had never met Adeola(ritarose) but she's so amazing, she is my sis/friend whether she likes it or not. Billie is my friend cum rival that I love so much. I informed her about the project and stressed her well. Banji is my brother and foodie who wasn't in touch ehn. Banji, repent because you lose your sis o. I met Kay (Michael Bolaji) at my wedding and that was about all. He is now my friend! I've know Lolade for some years. She was in between an acquaintance and a friend but she has ported now. I wonder if I went there to make friends. I've known Modupe for a while now. She can do everything -aso oke, Ankara shoes/bags/accessories and beads. She was ready to teach anything we asked her to. Ayo is the real MVP. She heard of the programme and reached out to me. There's nothing like being around people with kind hearts. God bless their businesses.

Here are their names and contacts so you can patronise them.

  • Venue: Latara Events' Place 08133352000 
  • Small chops: Adeola 07014455668 @aloeday on instagram
  • Cake making: Gloria 08144779484 @lareina_cakes on instagram and Toyyibah 08069338925 @toyyibah22
  • Fashion designing: Mopelola 08131212312 @235couture and Fatima 07033182618 @teemayusuf 
  • Makeup and gele: Adeola 08077362035 @ritarosebeauty and Billie 08032199782 @facesbybcooke
  • Photography: Banji 08160003164 @banjyteimagery and Kay 07064709763 @michealbolajiphotography
  • Beads: Lolade 07015384254 @loladeeey and Modupe: 08169460005 @cutie_doopsy
  • Soap making: Ayo 08124723970

Now, these weren't the only people who showed interest in training and were excited about the cause. The others couldn't make it due to work, school,... They include Eniwealth,
Motunrayo(baker) @distinctcakes Lolade(baker) 08089237563, Bimbo, Morountodun, Tayo(makeup) @durotit I can't mention everyone's names. If you supported the cause in any way, I thank you.

We have so many beautiful photos from the programme. I feel this post is lengthy (hope I didn't bore you). I'll post pictures tomorrow. Thank you again everyone. Special shout out to the hubs and my mom. Love you plenty.

I love you for reading,

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Hello guys

Hi bloghearts, how are you doing? I'm so sorry for being MIA. I planned to be back on September 1st but life happens. Apologies accepted?

Since my last post a lot of things have happened. Wrote exams and working on my project (please pray that I come out successful). Oh yes, ALMA BENEVOLENCE HOME's project was successful. Thanks to every kind heart that supported the cause. We would talk about that in subsequent posts. It was my birthday. I'm surprised some of you remembered. Thanks for the wishes. My grandmom was 80! Igniting my business again, kindly subscribe to my bbm channel (C00447DC8) to see what I have. In all, God has been faithful.

So I'm back. If you have any topic(s) you'll like us to talk about, please share in the comment section or send to

I love you for reading,

*MIA = Missing In Action