Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Hello guys

Hi bloghearts, how are you doing? I'm so sorry for being MIA. I planned to be back on September 1st but life happens. Apologies accepted?

Since my last post a lot of things have happened. Wrote exams and working on my project (please pray that I come out successful). Oh yes, ALMA BENEVOLENCE HOME's project was successful. Thanks to every kind heart that supported the cause. We would talk about that in subsequent posts. It was my birthday. I'm surprised some of you remembered. Thanks for the wishes. My grandmom was 80! Igniting my business again, kindly subscribe to my bbm channel (C00447DC8) to see what I have. In all, God has been faithful.

So I'm back. If you have any topic(s) you'll like us to talk about, please share in the comment section or send to

I love you for reading,

*MIA = Missing In Action


Blogoratti said...

Hello and happy new month!

Launna said...

Anuoluwapo, it's nice to have you back... I wish you much success with the exams and your project. We all have times where life fills our time and takes over our lives... we are here and will be here when you come back from your breaks. Thank you so much for your sweet comment ♡♡♡

Anonymous said...

Whhoopp!! Whoop!!! She is baaaaaccckkk! Welcome Back Anu.. Kai! I haf sha Missed looking for your trouble faaaaa! As well have i missed all those your many many intellectual post that sparks reasoning..

So me i have a Topic I want to learn about oh! **Clears Throat,... Trust me nah! I can like to think.. So here goes.. The topic is this;

"How to get a Geh Friend"

Hian! Anu.. It might look like simple thing.. But for some of us that are too busy to do the mushy mushy... it is real work oh! Please advice Nne.. **Wears Mischievous smile..

esquire said...

Congratulations. We missed you sha.

Unknown said...

Welcome back hun..xx