Thursday, 18 September 2014

Feminism and marriage

This post was inspired by the feminist talk on twitter. It seems to me that some of us ladies do not know where to draw the line. So I'm saying this, please do not bring your feminism to your marriage or relationship. What man wants to spend forever with a woman that drags the pants with him, one that questions his authority and refuses to be his helpmate? None! Not even your kind hearted father and brothers. I do not for one day think I'm equal to a man. I'm here to support him, guide and build him in all submissiveness. I also do not believe that that man is better than I am. We were just naturally built for different fields.

Do women that make their men commit murder have 2 heads? No, that have sense. The husband is the head of the home and the wife the neck. The head goes wherever the neck directs it, no be so?Submissiveness is one great weapon we have as women. With submission, you can get your man to do your every bidding. He'll do it to specifications with a big smile sef. It has to do with their huge ego that needs frequent greasing. Grease it today and be happy.

But you see, when you fight your man, question his IQ and authority, do you think he'll be happy with you even when we all know women have higher IQs and are better decision maker? He won't feel like a king in his home and therefore won't treat you like a queen. You'll now be two warriors. Smh for you. Isn't it better to be submissive and very happy than forming independent woman with High B.P? It's this independent feminist attitude our grandmothers lacked that saved their marriages.

Being submissive isn't being foolish or being a slave. It's wisdom. If he makes a decision that doesn't sit well with you. Calm down. Use that woman power to talk to him later. It may take some time but it will work. When something heavy is going down, isn't it the wife that's usually asked to talk to her hubby? She doesn't talk to him in a "we're equal" or "I also have an equal say on this child" tone. She speaks to him like a king, he does her bidding and everyone is happy. Don't take it too far so you don't get burnt though.

Ofcourse go to the world and hustle hard. If you want to be a feminist, be ready to live with the pros and cons. You can't just take the good part and avoid the bad. If the boys are getting their hands dirty, don't tell me about your French manicure. This is my own kind of diluted feminism ~ Hustler outside, wifey and mommy in the home. By all means, know who you are, your worth, work hard and bring something to the table.

If you feel you are so equal to men that you can't slow down even at home or you're so career oriented that it'll be difficult for you to slow down and be a wife or mom, please don't consider marriage or raising kids. The morale of my rant is that feminism and independence doesn't work well with marriage (for both sexes), don't bring that attitude home.

Thanks for reading my bloghearts. Hopefully, we'll get nice pro and anti feminism advocates to write for us. Remember what we talked about today is feminism in marriage.

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