Thursday, 29 May 2014

Fulfiling all righteousness - to what end?

I feel a little guilty for having a good laugh because I should not judge. I just remembered a pretty lady I met last week. She was wearing a really short sleeveless dress. I didn't raise an eyebrow at that, na today? I've seen shorter dresses. What caught my attention was that she made sure her scarf was properly covering her head especially before taking photos. I was tempted to ask which of the denominations she belonged to. I did ask if she was covering her hair for religious reasons as her hair was nice and neat, she said yes. I made sure I kept my mouth firmly shut afterwards.
She was the only one that covered her hair and yet she was the only one that struck me as silly. If you want to form Mary Amaka shouldn't you start by covering your body the temple of God first? Why are you covering your hair and showing us your lovely thighs, legs and a peek of your bosom? Obviously, she was just trying to fulfil all righteousness, "you asked me to cover my hair and I have", but to what end?
Shout out to the babes who look classy and sophisticated while all covered up, you inspire me. My darling Fs in Abuja, I wish you would put up on your pictures everyday so we can take a cue from you.
I see your views, thanks guys. Drop comments too :*


Esquire said...

I believe Decency and Moderation should be applied to all areas of our lives. Just as the saying goes; u will be addressed by the way u dress. Let's be decent

Anonymous said...

It's silly how hypocrisy thrives in our religion & ways of life. U need to check out how people from strict religious background dress when they are away from their homes, who is deceiving who?
Skimpy ain't even sexy to guys anymore, we need a little discretion too cos it's fun when d imagination comes in & not wen u can see all tgey've got to offer outside. Lol. Moderation is d watchword here.

Anuoluwapo said...

Thank you. Decency and moderation however mean different things to different people

Jan Zizka said...

There are 2 interpretations for head covering as in 1Corinthians11:1-16.

1 -actual viel/cap covering hair.
2-long hair of women serves as a covering.
Second one seems more probable because it's given by God to women for covering her glory which is a projection of man's glory-1Corinthians11:15.
That is why it's said in 1Corinthians11:5,6 that to uncover means to shave and if she uncovers she should cut all her hair with scissor(shorn) or with razor(shave).Since it's shameful women should have their natural long hairs for covering.
I am also not against veil/cap covering as it also serves the purpose particularly in women who have cut their long hairs for some reason.
Modesty is important,women should dress modestly according to new testament.Dressing modestly means not to attract unwanted attention to your dressing.Bible also exhorts us not to obsessed with outward fashion,but love and gentleness of the inward being that should adorn us.
Older women can teach younger women regarding this matter.

fatou said...

Go Gurl,I like this forum,keep it up, I totally concur, what is the point covering your hair, when your thighs and hot legs are out, well some people might want to handle this in a religion view, but i doubt if any religion will preach showcasing leg and covering hair, Have a good day tarabauer.

s said...

Decency is a virtue but most ladies don't know dat..Thumbs up Tara

Anuoluwapo said...

Thanks guys :* :* Please come back

Anuoluwapo said...

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Anuoluwapo said...

Thank you. I'm sorry your comment just got posted. It went to spam