Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Sister Caro

You know her as Sister Caro, the choir leader. I see Wizkid's biatch on twitter. #turnup #turnt #clubenigma #weliketoparty on Friday and #Jesusbaby #Godfirst #WhenJesussayyes on Sunday. Photo of her leading worship on Sunday and photo of her boobs out on Saturday. Who are you deceiving? Not "you" sef, it's we. Who are we deceiving? We are all guilty one way or the other. I must confess that hitting the club once in a while seems attractive to me and I have to fight the thought. Perhaps it's people like me, who want to eat their cake and have it that propounded the christian night club thing I'm far from perfection but I definitely do not want to miss heaven.

You fornicate on Saturday night and you raise your hands to heaven on Sunday morning. You were sorted or you sort, yet you speak in tongues. What spirit is at work? What You invite us to your church and still invite us to clubs and shows? Are you not confusing yourself? We complain about the escalating rate of indecency, rape, armed robbery, corruption. Are we not involved? Oga politician, boss or colleague, are you any different? Is there any such thing as a christian politician? As an employer, how do you treat your staff? Even the domestic staff in your homes?

It seems going to church and being a worker is fashionable now. Some even join the workforce so they can be noticed by the brothers. If you want to be a worker, you have to be on fire. If you're warm, your service is a waste. Sometimes it's good to be cold, at least you know you enjoyed this world to the best than living a so-so warm life, neither here nor there.

Sorry this post came up later than usual, my network wasn't smiling . Thanks for your kindness and always reading. I got a message asking me to put up posts on fashion, styles and all, look forward to that. Maybe the long awaited post on boy codes too? Then I have a something that should make you smile coming up, it's a surprise *winks* Also, please go back to posts you've read before once in a while. Many times, I update/edit. Then we get mature contributions in the comment section you may want to see. Love you bloghearts, Anuoluwapo.

*All churches. And errm, get well soon


sweetlzz said...

Lol..cld not help but laugh on dis one, u ar rite we all ar guilty of dis one way or d other. nice piece

Anuoluwapo said...

Thank you

Eniwealth said...

guilty as charged. i love the way you title your posts

Anuoluwapo said...

Thank you

Anonymous said...

This post makes a lotta brains & I love the way you write cos u hardly ever judge people. Kip up d good work.

Anuoluwapo said...

Thank you