Thursday, 7 May 2015

Baby bump: Flaunt or hide?

I was going to do a post on sometime else before I saw this photo that gave me a good laugh. It is so true! They stop using their pictures or use photos of their puffy faces and poow, baby pictures. It's not a secret but around here we keep it low because we don't know who wouldn't be happy for us, right? Photos taken during pregnancy become throwback when the baby arrives.

I don't get why pregnant babes have to be touchy, infact some people would be touchy on her behalf. Ask her her baby's sex, how old the pregnancy is or the baby's name before the naming ceremony and you automatically become a suspect. Is it a Nigerian or African thing? It seems like a custom to me, that's how it is done so you also do same. It really isn't anybody's business anyway. However, winchy winchy people don't need to see you or a photo of your growing bump to know you are preggy. Watch Africa Magic today.

A friend's sis shared photos of her bump on her blog before her son arrived. A sister told us the name of her son, who now has a younger brother, before he arrived. A few people do not hide these things and their children do very well.

Would you readily share the news or you would rather let the bump or the baby's arrival do the announcement? Lohla, Launna and other yummy mommies, did you hide yours and why? I find it ridiculous when people wear layers of clothes, ill-fitting clothes, waist trainers, etc to hide their bump. Even if you have no intention of sharing with strangers on instagram, wear nice maternity dresses and rock that bump. You only carry that child once.

Whether pregnant or not, what we need do is to be
prayerful. God keep us and ours from harm. *In Wendy Williams' voice* I love you for reading, Anuoluwapo.


Launna said...

Anuoluwapo, when I had Valentina almost 12 years ago social media wasn't a big thing... I definitely didn't hide the fact that I was pregnant.. lol... I see no need to do that... nor could I have if I wanted to ;-)

I think if social media had been bigger then I probably would have taken some pictures of the bump..xox ♡

Eniwealth said...

Lol @ watch Africa Magic today. I'm so rocking my bump when the time comes. So help me God.

esquire said...

Well. Africa is a peculiar nation and we have to be careful to understand and live wisely where ever you are. A proverb goes thus: when you see a goat running in the middle of the night, it is either its pursuing something or something is pursuing it. My dear. People don't just take a trend based on nothing. If we dig deep, something must be responsible for women of today has hiding their bumps.

It is certainly good to pray but I believe wisdom also demands that we don't do things carelessly or act non chalantly. The days are evil. We need to understand that. The children of this world are wiser than us.

God expects us to watch and pray. Its not everything we have to post on social media anyway. Thank you.

esquire said...

Just to add again. Its not everything we see the whites doing that we should emulate or copy. We have a culture and we have our values.

Anonymous said...

Ooooosssssheeeeeey Turn uP! Hian eez not a joking sturvzz oh! i once had a pregnant female colleague, and when Omolomo me asked that she take a harmless picshur with me when she was heavy with child, she was like No oh! Please! hehehehe... Mehn the shock and Afraid wey catch me no be here oH! I was like Shuo!!! Maybe she just didnt trust me... Anyways i think its beRRa safe than sorry... However na Fear fear dey kill person.. I am not one to really believe in Diabolic means.. I mean we all have un-conscious bad thoughts, but hey! any boRRy stupid to carry my name to Juju ehn! na Sango go strike the pesron 10 times.. I cannot be bothered biko... hence i do not think its a Nigerian thing. I think it is just a Fear something.. **Wears Innocent Lamb face.. Cheers Bubba.. And be safe oh! an the crowd sings... She be my fine fine fine lady eh!! fine lady.. :)

Unknown said...

I can't say for now, when the time comes i will know if i will show my baby bump to the world or not.

Onomiroro Dono Okeh said...

Wow! nice write up. Ask how far has the pregnancy gone and you'll be told not to count a pregnant woman due date for her.

Lohla's Melange said...

I didn't share my bump on social media, neither did I share his pics until he was about 4months old after plenty pressure. I never intended to. Not because of anything but the fact that i like to keep some part of my life private.

But if you stayed close to me, ofcourse you would have known I was pregnant, I never wore maternity anything, rocked my stretchy gowns, Jean and tees, shorts till the end.

Unknown said...

I am with Lily on this one mami...I would never know until that time comes... hehe

Nitty-Gritty said...

I am guilty if all you wrote up there. In fact, I went off blogging for many months and came back with a new blog to start afresh.

It is ok, for people not to understand or make mockery of such issues, like it is always said, it is the person that wears the shows that knows where it pinches.

The Nigerian culture is immersed so much in voodoo before the coming of Christianity. Hence, she was called the dark continent. And you will think that such pagan acts is forgotten right? But surprisingly, ritual killings still abounds, witches still abound, and was it not in ondo state that they believed their gods were angry with them that was why she killed certain men, and people were asked to fetch water and pour on the idol? Only to find out, the ogogoro they mixed with a poisonous herb killed the men? Don't we still celebrate certain festivals in Nigeria that needs virgins to carry the sacrifice? Yet, we want to play the ostrich?

Have you been to MFM programme once or twice? When you see manifestations and hear confessions, then you will know this world is two: spiritual vs physical.

The bible says we wrestle not against flesh, but principalities, rulers of darkness and apiritual wickedness in high places! And our warfare are not canal, but mighty through the blood of JESUS.

Those who knows, knows! And they don't talk! And some like to deceive others that it matters not, but go behind to seek for prayers for protection.

The western culture is different. Babies are named before leaving the hospital so as to be registered and given their #SSN. People wants to know in advance, so they can prepare the gift they will bring at the baby' s shower which is like their naming ceremony... But Nigeria is cultivating that culture now.

Are there no witches abroad? They are, ... But they are registered! They know themselves. They are not killed.

With all the bad belle drama in blogs, twitter, fb, Instagram, you will go flaunting your bump and baby name before birth?...OYO!

When a woman loses her baby first, second, third time after 9 months of stress, you think, she won't try to find an answer spiritually, when medically she cannot get a solution?

Haven't you heard of bitter ex's taking revenge? Hmm..abeg, make I stop here before I write a post comment...just bear in mind that, the best weapon an enemy use, is for you to under estimate them or that they don't exist.
An interesting post.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to flaunt mine, the only thing that will make me not flaunt is if am ugly. .Lolz