Monday, 11 May 2015

Sensual objects or feeding bottles?

Before we talked about flaunting or hiding the bump, I was going to write about breast feeding in public. I'm not saying one is right or wrong, I'll only share my opinion and hope you'll share yours too.

So, a lady was struggling to remain covered while breastfeeding her little one in church. I remembered a lady in my parents' church, who years ago, opened "everything" without caution and fed her child several times before the end of the service. Some mothers would either sit at areas designated for nursing mothers or go outside the church to nurse their babies.

Some people feel it's nothing. The boobs should not be regarded as sensual objects but as feeding bottles. Some say afterall, women expose their boobs in the name of looking trendy so why exposing it for "a good cause" be termed public nudity.
I don't term it public nudity, I don't even term it anything. It's not that serious. The same way you (pretend to) look away from your colleague's boobs, look away from her nursing "tools."

If you've been covering up and showing it only to the dear hubby, why are you now showing it to the world. Does it not defeat the years of covering up? Or is everyone suddenly blind because you're now a mom?

I hear mothers say things to imply that they are old and there's nothing to cover anymore. Puleaseeeee, don't let a pregnancy or a baby trick you into feeling wringled. You are still very beautiful, perhaps prettier than before. Stretch marks? Use cocoa butter. You must likely have that glow that young mothers do. Your boobs are also fuller and more succulent. You're attractive, not old. Being a mother is more reason for you not to take yourself for granted. Oya package yourself well.

It's only women that see your boobs as feeding bottles, at the moment. Forget that it produces milk, it's still very sensual. It could even be the fetish of that man sef. Yes, the one sitting close to you and you're probably giving him ideas.

Haha, I love you for reading bloghearts. I love the feedback I get from you, don't stop. Have a good good week, Anuoluwapo.


Cyclone said...

I don't know that it is necessary to objectify breasts at every turn and corner. Anything a woman needs to promote breastfeeding should be allowed. It should be down to society to be discrete and allow the nursing mother to feed her baby as and when necessary. If she can't find a private place for it then let us be civilised enough to accommodate her needs.

Anuoluwapo said...

Hi Cyclone, how are you doing?
I think it was accommodated before. Maybe ladies are becoming more aware or...
A friend who wasn't bothered about covering up does so now. Apparently, she had found men and even some women stealing glances.
I still don't see a right or wrong way to it, it depends on the individual involved.

Anonymous said...

Whatever nursing mothers decide, I hope they hold on to the truth that they aren't less beautiful

Anuoluwapo said...

Oh guys, don't take my use of "objects" too seriously. Thanks Anon

Launna said...

Anuoluwapo, I breast fed both my babies and I did it wherever and whenever they needed to be fed. I did try to cover myself with a light blanket but not out of embarrassment... as I think nursing is natural and beautiful... I did it more for other people so they wouldn't be uncomfortable. I did refuse to go and hide it somewhere that was not me at all... xox <3

esquire said...

Lol. I love that sentence... " fuller and more succulent". Wow. Anyway I guess this is a PG 18 related episode. Lol. Well in my opinion I think its decent for a nursing mother to be conscious of exposing her fuller and more succulent mammary glands to the public especially to the male gender who may be turned on by stealing glances. I think the nipples too get bigger.
I will advise that nursing mothers buy nursing covers when they go out so that they can cover up properly in public. As a man I feel a bit uncomfortable when a woman just tucks in her hand and thows open her boobs to feed her crying child in public. Just buy nursing covers. Actually after a period of breastfeeding the boobs falls. I guess that's when ladies just don't care anymore.

Lohla's Melange said...

I breastfed my son exclusively for six months, meaning I feed him whenever he's hungry and wherever we are. I used a light feeding blanket specifically for breastfeeding. If you didn't look properly, you wouldn't know we were feeding. So I say please cover up! When I see other mothers just bring the whole thing out I'm usually embarrassed.

Unknown said...

Pleaseeeeeeee cover up your boob!!! I know you are feeding your baby - I just don't wanna see all that...That moment should be an intimate one for you and your baby and not for the whole world to see..

Carolina G. Ticala said...

Great post dear, follow me on gfc and i Follow you back, kisses

Unknown said...

I vote cover up too. I am a woman still I feel uncomfortable seeing the breast of another exposed and a suckling child has a way of tugging on the nipples that creates this sensual movement...that gives ideas.

Nitty-Gritty said...

I have nursed 5 babies, and I do it whenever they want without thinking if my boobs is a sexual object or not.

It is so unfortunate, we live in a sexualized charged environment now, that every ordinary gesture is interpreted as sexual by perverted minds finding an excuse for their lust! That is why a peodophile will see a baby or child nakedness and say he was aroused by it!

Men go shirtless everywhere and anytime it suits them, and I don't see women olging them. Now a woman does the most natural thing on earth as GOD created the boobs for and the whole world go gaga! But what a double standard!

The gowns or blouses most models and women wear to parties with their boobs exposed is called sexy!!! Wow!!! But a mother feeding a hungry child, she is called out!!! What a hypocritical society we live in!

Well, to avoid stories that will touch the heart and give perverts an excuse to do anything stupid, breast feeding wraps were invented . so I will advise mothers to get one, or use shawl to cover, or go to a secluded corner, gently bring out the nipples underneath your blouse and feed your baby.

Every day in TV, magazines and blogs, I see naked Boobs! What of leaked pictures of girls sending their naked boobs to men? Where is the decency? Any woman that has been to the labour room will not have shame again for such mundane, irrelevant issue as breastfeeding, because her sacred chamber has been viewed and poked by many.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I enjoy reading your posts. I will be visiting often, because i ike your style of writing.

Blogoratti said...

Let women breastfeed wherever they want, what's the big deal. There are more pressing global issues people should be more worried about!

esquire said...

Great perspective ma but I would like to touch on a few observations you made. I strongly believe that the breasts of a woman was designed by God not only for her to feed her baby but for sexual pleasure with her husband or partner. That's why the breasts has many erotic nerve endings especially the nipples. When a baby sucks the breast for milk is quite different from when a husband sucks for sexual fulfilment. So the truth is the breast plays a double role here. Both as a sexual object and a feeding object.

Number 2. I can understand that peaedophiles are sexual perverts but I think you may be going extreme when you categorise men being turned on by mere sight of boobs as perversion. The body of a woman and that of a man are completely designed differently by God. Its simply natural (not perversion for a man to be turned on by a naked woman). Yes we live in a more sexually charged environment because things have really changed. Women wear loose clothings unlike days of old. In mags, TV, on the streets. What do you expect? It's more difficult for men to cope than days of old but God will help us.

3. I don't think its OK to compare the men removing their shirts to women removing their blouses. As I said earlier we are not made the same way. I love your advise for the cover up but please not because we are perverts. Thank you

Nitty-Gritty said...

I didn't call you perverts my dear, all these covered up started from the western world by some men before we all joined the bandwagon. I grew up seeing our mothers doing their business and nobody bat an eye, but all of the sudden, when the hyping started, we all must belong! That is my grouse. They should also tell ladies to also dress decently by covering their boobs.

I am glad you pinpoint that when a baby suckles, it is different from when a man sucks, so I wonder why it is seen as a big deal when a woman feeds her baby, it is not as if she is having sex with her husband in the public.

You see, from your point, you just buttress the fact that indeed women are seen as sex toy for men, by saying it is not the same when a man goes shirtless. But you know there is the nude beach and naturalist who go about naked? And in some part of Africa, the woman still walk around without covering their boobs? This is to tell you, they are not self conscious of that.

A lady was told to go and breastfeed her child in the toilet! She told the store attendant if she eats her meals in the toilet?

It is well my dear, I simply believing in doing you. An interesting and controversial topic :D

Anonymous said...

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