Saturday, 14 March 2015

Because I'm happy

I wouldn't agree less that the lawn isn't greener on the other lawn. You shouldn't compare your situation with another's. You really don't know what's going on with him or her.

I was telling someone recently how a mutual friend of ours is happy. Well, she seems happy to me. You know how someone is happy and it's infectious? Yes, that's her kind of happy. And she goes "People pretend joor. Don't judge by the cover?" Ahah, why should I second guess my friend. If she seems unhappy, I would be worried. Now she seems very happy, i'm ecstatic. I would rather this than she "tabling" job or relationship issues.

It seems to me like we're not happy to see others happy. That you know someone's issues doesn't mean you know they are unhappy. Some refuse to mop around and stay happy despite their challenges. See, we all have challenges. Don't let anything take your joy. Life is too short to be unhappy for a minute. Tomorrow is not guaranteed, laugh/smile as much as you can today. The burdens, may not disappear but,  would feel lighter once you choose to be and you are truely happy.

Also, that a person lives a different and unusual lifestyle from ourselves doesn't mean they are unhappy. Honestly, if we're happy we'll wish for everyone to be happy and we wouldn't have the time to check out who seems to be pretending to be happy or energy to bring others down.

Thanks for reading. I hope you get my point. I'm sorry I've not been so regular in posting and responding to
 comments. Blame it on my network provider and NEPA PHCN. Some are happy, some may pretend to be happy, you get to choose your side. Love,  Anuoluwapo.

*P.S. Tabling = Discussing


'demola said...

I could read this piece over & over again & it'll still make full brains. Good work Anu.

Launna said...

Anuoluwapo ... it is not always easy to be happy but when someone is I think it is wonderful ... we should celebrate those good times... and remember them for when trials come into our lives... xox said...

Some people can pretend to be happy for England - I genuinely want everyone to be happy though.

ire said...

Happiness is the goal

Eniwealth said...

I posted a pic on my instagram earlier that would illustrate this post perfectly. I mean why go on a roller coaster and frown? #stayhappypeople!

Anonymous said...