Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Let's talk euthanasia

Euthanasia is mercy killing. A patient on finding out he has been rendered helpless due to an occurrence, old age, deformity, psychological or medical condition may decide to take his life. Where he is incapable of making such decisions or giving consent, a family member, next of kin or any other person authorized to do so, may. Euthasia has some categorizations such as
  1. Active euthanasia: Informed specific steps are taken to cause the patient's death through the introduction of certain medications.
  2. Passive euthanasia: Withdrawal of medical treatment, e.g. life support or medications with the intention of causing the patient's death.
  3. Voluntary euthanasia: The patient takes the decision to end his life.
  4. Involuntary euthanasia: Due to the person's incapacity to give consent, the decision is taken by someone else.
  5. Assisted suicide: Here, a doctor does not administer provides medical treatment to end the patient's life. He however makes it available to the patient.
There are two main schools of thought. The first believe in the doctrine of sanctitity of life. Life is sacred and one shouldn't take what he can't give no matter the circumstance. An argument against euthanasia is that even people who are not terminally ill will ask for it. Suicide could as well be legalized. It would become a means of saving money. People would be quick to choose saving money over caring for the patient.

The second believes in the doctrine of quality of life. They advocate that life should be worth it. Also, a life in a poor state as a result of old age, terminal illness, etc, does not deserve being watched to linger in agony. Rather than watch a patient in acute pain, give him a painless death (euthanasia). An argument for it is that it is expensive to keep treating a terminally ill patient. Why waste money, emotions and time over someone that would die? The government or relatives can use the resources on some other "important" matters. Another is that euthanasia is a dignified way to die as against watching a person have a painful, gruesome and slow death. Then why keep a person alive when you're told, even if he pulls through, he'll be a "vegetable"?

Now that I've given a general background, what school of thought do you belong to? Me? I don't think it will be easy to give up. I also know living with, or watching a loved one live with, pains is difficult. We'll never be put in a situation where we'll have to choose. Amen. I hope to read and learn from your views. 

If you're anti-euthanasia and would love to reach out to and show love to the terminally ill, please contact me. My lecturer who is very passionate about it heads an NGO that supports the terminally ill. I would also give details as to the related activities coming up next month. Thanks for reading :* Anuoluwapo.


Launna said...

Euthanasia is a really tough topic to debate.. people seem to have strong opinions both ways... I don't think I believe in it for me but I don't know for sure and I hope I never have to find out... As far as others are concerned... I am a mindset that I can't judge what other people do... they have to deal with their decisions as I have to deal with mine... xox

'demola said...

Euthanasia is such a sensitive issue. Some would argue for & others against. Personally I believe that if u can't give life, u probably should not take one but then in extreme cases it would seem fair to allow it.

Unknown said...

I'm in support of, dnt take wat u didn't give.


Unknown said...

So I am catching up on all the posts I have missed...lol....I have done a similar post....I think it was a debate or something...

Mami, I am not anti-euthanasia, I believe that some people need help in their passing....I mean what is the point of having someone go through so much pain especially when there is no remedy...I mean, if euthanasia is an option, then let them have it...That is not me playing God...that is me saying, 'You have tried and now it's time to take break'....that's how I see it tho'

OmokennyAhmed said...

As for me, for now, I dont believe in it.i dont think I have met anyone so ill that instead of believing the best of the situation, I would think they deserve death. If God can raise a dead person, how much more someone that atleast till have breath . but all depending on the case and age of the person tho