Wednesday, 18 June 2014

From a Nigerian man - what a man wants from his woman

Blog reader, Esquire, was kind enough to write in from Qatar. All I had to do was edit and get a picture for a post. I love his "straight from the mind of a Nigerian brother" post and his terms? Lol, very refreshing. I hope he doesn't hijack my blog. Do message me ( if you have a topic or post for "us". Thank you! Enjoy.

We all have a lot of expectations and needs we crave to meet. For example, we desire to attend good schools, finish with good grades, get juicy jobs, settle down with the man or woman of our dreams. We also desire, to a large extent, to raise children and "live happily ever".
For those desirous of long term relationships, it’s imperative we know that men and women are wired and designed uniquely, distinctively and differently. Therefore our needs/wants are really not the same.  For emphasis sake this article is directed to open up and enlighten us to certain BASIC needs that Men (especially of the African orient) strongly desire to see in their women.  I call them the BASIC 4.

Bedmatics is one of the basic 4 courses I believe that every man would love to see his woman pass successfully. I simply mean a woman who is excellent in bed. According to Cheating Statistics about 70 percent of married men admitted to cheating on their wives! Another study found that 2/3 of women are not aware of their husband's affair. Even the Pastors are not left out based on recent news.  I strongly believe that if a woman scores an A in Bedmatics it would to a large extent help reduce this disturbing high percentage of infidelity.

I don’t really know why a lot of African men love to eat delicious meals prepared by their wives. I don’t think there is anything wrong in hiring a cook or a maid to handle this but there is this joy the man derives from the thought that its his woman that prepared it. I hear If you are in competition with a Calabar girl over a man, your chances are very slim. Stop wasting your time and look for another man. An average Calabar girl is excellent in Bedmatics and Kitchenography) LOl.  As the saying goes: the way to a man’s heart is through his tummy.

95% of Men today love a wife who can bring something to the table. Someone who is financially supportive no matter how small.  A woman who is doing excellently in her career/profession or business as the case may be. A woman wasn’t designed by God to just be a sex toy, a meal attendant or to raise children by sitting down at home. Explore your God given potentials and let your man know he has an asset.

This is the last but I believe the most important of the BASIC 4. It simply means raising Godly kids. Its not enough to get in between the sheets, make love, get pregnant and produce kids. You owe it, as an obligation, to raise them in a manner pleasing to God especially today where morals and Godly virtues seem to be lacking in our kids. There is no point having children that will not make positive contributions to the society by leaving it better than they found it. Every man would love this good virtue in his woman.

Ladies, lets help our men, lets give them the best, lets make our relationships last longer and better. In all of these, I still love a woman who has the BASIC 4 spiced and wrapped up in Prayer. A prayerful woman equipped with these arsenals is ULTIMATE! 

Oga Esquire, who told you about Calabar women, ehn? Bless your heart sir.
Fulfilling a man's every fantasy would go a long way in having a happy home. Take a further step by fire-proofing your marriage so it can stand tests of time. Fire proof is a nice movie everyone should watch.
Hallelujah somebody! lol


Anonymous said...

Lmao! Anu i'm in love with your blog and so hooked. Can't wait to see what will be up tomorrow

Anuoluwapo said...

Thank you

Eniwealth said...

I totally agree with Esquire's post even though I am a woman. All four points highlighted here are ''very'' basic and to a very large extent are for the good of the woman who is characterized by all of these four qualities. If you will please permit me to start a discussion on your ''post - in - post'' Anu and Esquire. I'd like to ask/know your opinions on sourcing for more knowledge on how to improve in ''bedmatics''. Cos very recently, I was scrolling through a sister's phone and found some ''erotic'' pictures and video, when I asked her why she now has such on her phone, she simply said, ''I'm now married nah, how I for do''. So I simply kept quiet. So like, probably practicing more on culinary skills, studying for professional courses, ensuring that the kids attend Sunday school, making my book of bible stories their bed time story book among other things one can do to improve on the four points Esquire highlighted above. Is sourcing the internet, buying cds and so on to improve on ''bedmatics'' inappropriate?

Eniwealth said...

And Anu, I'm not sorry I wrote that long epistle. You do it to me too. :p

Anuoluwapo said...

I'll stop writing epistles when you stop putting up interesting posts :p

Anuoluwapo said...

Pornography isn't the will of God for our lives. 1. It's make believe and not realistic. They get breaks in between and those are stunts that aren't always comfortable. Isn't love making supposed to be comfortable? 2. It encourages beastility, incest, fornication, adultery, rape and orgies in their story lines. 3. The Bible says lusting after a person you're not married to is sin. So you're either fornicating or committing adultery. 4. It attracts some demons to one's life. Do you want to give room for the devil? 5. Will your conscience permit you to say it in public that you watch porn?
Maybe i'll do a post on this on sunday.

Esquire said...

Barr. Anu has actually raised a vital point and should be taken seriously however, not all sites are ponographic in nature and still deliver the knowledge you need in this area. Some sites teach on sex positions, erotic zones, orgasms etc without necessarily showing ppl in the real act. At best they illustrate with diagrams. some couples are stuck with no more than just 2 or 3 positions. infact some sef its just missionary style all the rest of thier life. lol.

Esquire said...

Thank you Barr. Anu for this vital point which should be taken seriously however not all sites are ponographic in nature. Some sites teach on healthy sex positions, erotic zones, orgasms etc at best with aided diagrams which could be helpful to you. some couple are stuck with 2 or 3 positions some sef just the missionary style for the rest of thier lives. lol. you can check out sex positions, fitness, health, bith control, relationship and lots more from

Eniwealth said...

Seeing them on her phone felt awkward based on my knowledge of her kind of person, which has suddenly changed based on that since I saw them. But i couldn't convince her that her reason for having them isn't justified as I am still single. Thanks guys.