Thursday, 26 June 2014


Had a good day yesterday. Had a good one/two hours with a sweetheart. Thanks for your help Z. I also got my nails done - henna style. I'm a big fan, I could name my daughter Henna. Fast forward to a few hours, I wake up to see "bomb blasts" all over my bbm. I wished I could "unsee" these and go back to sleep. Two bomb blasts hit our country while I slept(Adamawa and Abuja) and then a petrol tanker exploded in Apapa, Lagos leaving people dead, injured and families mourning. It was Kano two days back and several locations in the North. These people weren't at wrong places. Some at work, some shopping/visiting. It's too sad. How did we get here? How long would we live in fear? How long would we be afraid that something bad could happen to our loved ones? Nobody deserves to die this way. I pray God intervenes fast. Thank God for the quick response of security agencies in Enugu state recently.
No good news about the Chibok girls yet. I really hope progress is being made. There have been abductions (after that of the girls), killings and blasts. We are used to such news now. We feel sad and lament for a few minutes or seconds sef and that's it, we move on. Armed robbery, ritual killings, assassinations, kidnapping, cultism, ..., are the order of the day in the country. Where is really safe? May God protect us and ours.
We may not be able to go to Sambisa forest but here is what I think we can do:
(a) Pray for God's intervention
(b) Speak against terrorism and other evils.
(c) Mount pressure on the government. Remember, we didn't see them take any action with regards to the Chibok girls until we mounted pressure. Pray God gives the government divine wisdom.
(d) Support  victims and their families with prayers, supplies and care.
(e) Donate blood to (teaching) hospitals.
(f) Believe in Nigeria. We'll get through this. Amen!
May God grant the injured speedy recovery, the ones that lost (a part of) their investments/businesses the strength to forge ahead, the bereaved the fortitude to bear the losses. May the souls of the departed, rest in peace. Dear God, please #bringbackourgirlsalive.
Thanks for reading. Xoxo


dee said...

it really is disheartening....

Anuoluwapo said...

Very! Thank you

Anonymous said...

My thoughts & prayers are with d families that lost loved ones. However it is sickening the way these terrorist perpetrate these crimes easily. We now sleep with an eye open, God save us!

Anuoluwapo said...

Amen, Amen. Thank you

Eniwealth said...

#speechless... God help us

Anuoluwapo said...