Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Nobody has it easy

Forget the well made up face, panache, calm disposition or cute family dps. Thou shall not be deceived, nobody has it easy. Everyone has needs and challenges at every point. Abi you don't have prayer requests? The only difference is that some of us still do not understand the need to be grateful for what we have and choose to be happy. Whether God grants our requests (now, later or never) doesn't make him more or less God. If only we know what other people are going through, maybe we will not be so downcast. It's more than being patient, it's about having the right attitude while waiting. Don't attempt to compare your life with another's. Each to his customised challenges. He is wealthy but doesn't have sincere family and friends around him like you do. She tours the world but doesn't have the integrity you have. She has wealthy parents but does not have the God that you have. The grass may seem greener on the other side, you have to be on the other side to know what is going on there.
Things may seem difficult but God never fails to have the backs of the ones he loves. Life may not be the party you're hoping for but while you're here, you should dance. Everything is working for your good. Amen! Thanks for reading, xoxo.

*Dps = Display pictures
 Abi = Or


Anonymous said...

Behind every beautiful smile there's a hidden tear. Anu has done justice to this one too. Challenges will definitely come but we need to kip smiling thru it. Show me a happy person & I'll show u one that has been able to deal with unhappiness with d belief that all will be well i.e(my wife) she's got d best smiles that reassures me.

Anuoluwapo said...

Thank you. Awww, bless your hearts

Aspirer said...

Growing up, i used to feel i was just too "less privileged" and was jealous of most of my friends. and yes, Anu was topping the list. I used to be embarrassed to wear some "mummy forced" 3 piece suit almost every 25th of December while my friends were wearing flowered skirt and blouse.Thank God for growing up and understanding that I was better-off than others. Oh! it is a great privilege to cry and throw tantrums about clothe, when others just want the heartily laughter I have with my family.Tis true, the other side will always look greener until you get there and find huge holes and gaps. I'm indeed blessed o.

Anuoluwapo said...

I'm glad you now know better love