Saturday, 21 June 2014

Show me your savings

I don't care whether you call me Ijebu or not, because i'm proudly one, not stingy but prudent. I will not be bullied into fronting or unnecessarily inconveniencing myself. I have N50 doesn't mean I should give in to my wants that costs N5. You don't buy something and you're termed stingy. They suddenly forget how good you had been to them? Don't mind them. Do your thing, it's just for a short while. That aso-ebi you didn't pick may be a seed towards buying them a house as a wedding anniversary gift. What some people don't realise is that one may have a need that costs N500. If I keep removing N5 from the N50 I have, i'll never make progress. Many times it's better to give to help than giving in to "b'egbe pe". That's when you do things because your mates are doing it. Your bestie bought hermes bags and you must buy? How about that your other friend that's investing in her business? That your colleague that you think doesn't know what's up because he doesn't hang out with you every weekend is saving hard to buy a good piece of land, investing in his future. We have to sacrifice now to live in surplus later.

I'm not advocating being stingy. I'm only saying put your needs before your wants. Do indulge yourself but ensure you sort out more needs than wants. Nollywood actress Toyin Aimakhu posted a sweet picture of her hubby perming her hair. Some people chose to overlook the sweetness in the photo and attacked her choice of cheap perm. Toyin calmly stated that's that what they can afford. Even if she has a million naira in her account, it doesn't mean she should get something simply because she can afford it. Like my mom would say "you can afford it doesn't mean you can have it". We sef, if a girl does runs and gets expensive stuff, we insult her. If she respects herself and lives within her means, we say she is cheap. Please only you know where the shoe pinches. Refuse to be harassed. Know and go for what you want. Be wise and always think about tomorrow. Don't spend your money in a day. Life is short but what if you live to 120years?  You earn 40k, you spend 32k on clothes every month and wonder why you're not making progress? Your investment is in clothes that would "finish" after wearing a few times and posting on ig. Don't wait till you earn a million before you start saving. Save today so we can build empires and travel private jet style later. "So don't worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow wiill bring it's own worries. Today's trouble is enough for today" Matthew 6:34? I think that is saying we should let God do the worrying for us, he has got our backs and will never fail us, so relax. While relax, remember Proverbs 12:27 "A lazy hunter does not catch his prey, but a hard-working person becomes wealthy". Work hard, don't worry, leave God to cause increase and save!

I wish us the very best in our journeys to the top, hopefully we'll celebrate when we get there. People at the top, please remain there. I was to write about our nomination, will do that next week. Blog reader's post will come next week too. We'll talk about pornography and how/where we can learn to be pros in "bedmatics" as Esquire puts it tomorrow (we're not learning it here though). Any kind lady wants to write on "what women want in their men?", please message me. Thanks for reading, xoxo.

*OYO = On your own
 IG = Instagram

N.B. We have more than enough troubles on ground as it is, let's pray for God to take control of the affairs of Ekiti state today. Vote with your conscience, don't sell your future for peanuts.


Esquire said...

Nice oh. I love Toyin's style oh. I have to go and learn how to make hair jare. Egbami. Does it mean i am still single? What is Barr Anu trying to say about Ogun State ladies? Didint know she was Ijebu up until now.. lol i have to keep some distance away from her oh .

Anuoluwapo said...

Lol, thank you