Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Love of a father

Still in the spirit of Father's day, I want to celebrate awesome fathers whose primary roles are to provide for and protect their families. Men who do not shy away from their responsibilities and are actively involved in raising their children. Men that instill love, fear of God, decency, responsibility, accountability and other fundamental principles in his wards. Men who would jog around the world so their kids would be happy. When they do not have much finances to spend on their kids, they do not fail to lavish and spoil their kids with love, friendship and prayers. Men like my daddy. For the sacrifices, love, support, encouragement, friendship, education,..., thank you daddies and God bless your hearts.
A blog reader would be telling us the heart of men - what men want from women through the eyes of a Nigerian man. You shouldn't miss that. Thanks for reading again. Have a lovely day, xoxo.

N.B. A father may not be one's biological father.

Where is his wife?

My father would beat me if I put him before my husband



Anonymous said...

Thank God for my lovely dad

Eniwealth said...

awww. I love, love the second picture where the baby pee-d on his/her dad. I can't start recalling how much sacrifices my dad made for his family while growing up and even now. He remains my most reliable friend till date. Most memorable was the night he thought me how to spell my name. My dad is just so unique. He has never yelled at my mum in our (me and my siblings) presence. We never owed school fees among many other awesome qualities.

Esquire said...

I celebrate my Biological Father and my Spiritual Father. They have both been immensely awesome in my life. May God increase them always.

Anuoluwapo said...

A good father is a blessing, not a right but a privilege. There are (rich) fathers who do not pay, who won't pay school fees, who won't discipline, who who would choose club houses, drinks and girls over their families. God bless and keep your daddy babes, mine too IJN

Anuoluwapo said...

Amen! I celebrate you too sir

Anuoluwapo said...

God bless and keep your dad. Amen