Saturday, 5 July 2014

Bridal and baby shower

I, alongside some other lawyer babes (I just had to say lawyer, lol) organised a baby shower for a dear friend. I got a lot of "what is a baby shower?" and I was surprised to learn some babes haven't attended showers before. Where do you go? Only churches or clubs?lol. If you've pick aso-ebi in the past 5 years, you should have been involved in planning some showers. Friends, partners or relatives of the celebrant can organise it.

I'm very excited about showers. It is an avenue to celebrate the bride/expectant mom. It can be more fun than the actual wedding and naming parties. It is a "party" of the celebrant's female friends, relatives and maids, synonymous to a bachelor's eve but way decent :p It can be themed, e.g, kitchen(you use a kitchen setting, dress to suit the theme,etc), book, fairy. Themes seem to be a "long thing" at this side of the world. We only pick colours or make branded tees, get masks, wands and sashes. The last shower I was at, it was free style. We planned and hosted it in a week, there was no time for costume.

The celebrant gets a special costume (tiara, wand, sash, etc) and gifts. The gifts may come from the group or individuals. I was at a shower last year for a bride who loves beans. We asked her hubby if she has a pressure pot before getting her a big one from Losan. The shower I was at on Thursday, we got a baby bath set and a dryer from Losan (again :D). Items we knew she needed and hadn't gotten. A shower isn't complete without a cake, chops and drinks. Asides the usual music and dances, several games are played to the amusement of the celebrant before anyone else.

If it is going to be a surprise, it is wisdom to get the celibrant's partner involved. For example, the celebrant's hubby made their place available to us, fuelled the generating set, provided music, made sure she was home, we confirmed gifts from him and he surprised us with dinner. Shout out to this amazing hubby.

We also made financial contributions which depends on what the planners want. You can host a beautiful shower contributing 1k /50k each. It doesn't however translate that the shower each person contributes 50k will be more fun than the 1k one. (To cut expenses, you can make your cocktails/chops/cake,etc, yourselves). The more friendly and more "unstuck" up your friends are the more fun your shower will be.
Checklist  for a beautiful shower:
1. Willing and active planners.
2. An avenue where you can discuss, e.g, bbm group.
3. Date and time
4. Venue
5. Cake
6. Gifts
7. Chops
8. Drinks
9. Generating set + fuel
10. Music
11. Compere
12. Activities (you can get games and ideas online). These should be privy only to one/two members
13. Cameraman and video coverage (pictures are preferably, as you may not want to film some private moments *lips sealed*, and can be taken on phones)
14 . Plates, cutlery, cups, straws, serviettes, take-away packs (depends on what you're having)
15. Celebrant's costume (optional)
16. Card signed by planners, with/without their pictures or napkin/shawl for baby shower (optional)
17. Theme (optional)
18. Buy or make invites (optional. Smses or pings may suffice, if need be)
19. Decoration (optional)
20. Dress code or costume (optional)

Every girl deserves a (surprise) shower. Show her some love and make her happy. I hope my wonderful, lovely, amazing, special and God sent friends would throw me an anniversary bridal shower. Thanks in anticipation. Your good friend, Anuoluwapo. Lol.
Today's post is on a lighter mood. I hope by now you know we're a balanced blog, not too serious and uptight. Have a good weekday guys and thanks for reading. Do come back again. Xoxo
December 28, 2012

I still don't get the idea behind this cake but thanks again :*


Esquire said...

Tarabauer. Is this your cake?? hmmm. lol. anyway pls i think the guys should be having our own Groom showers oh.

Anuoluwapo said...

Bach eve never do you?

Anonymous said...

The cake is very nice, what don't u get about it. It's bootylicious!!! I actually got one for my wife on her bridal shower & she and her friends loved it. Inbtw, I think u would do well as an events planner.

Anuoluwapo said...

Oh yes. I've planned a dinner and two showers in 2months + planning another dinner. Event planner of life,lol.