Friday, 4 July 2014


A frenemy is a low life threatened by another. You can not be lukewarm. Be either hot or cold, a friend or an enemy. Some things have happened in the past months and i'm amazed at how "evil" people can be. How can you be someone's friend in her face and an enemy behind? That's a serious sign of a personality disorder. The most annoying is people that have guts to try and gossip about my friend with me. You will not "meet me at home" as I won't smile at all. Don't message me to gossip and especially not about my friend.‎

A couple is getting married, you're asking "what will they eat?" What is your business? Don't you think they, alongside their families, would have considered this? + it's not like they'll ask you for money or favours. Someone has a baby and you're asking "who gave her belle?" You're a guluma of heaven and earth. You actually know when people ask out of concern or when it's just pure aproko. It never occurs to some people to be happy for others. Romans 12:15 is a command. Stop wondering why you're not progressing or why the "joys" you receive seem like facades. Why would one's joy give you an headache or make you lose sleep? Drop that bitter, dirty mind today. 

Sometimes it's hard to be rejoice with one who gets something you want, maybe you seemingly deserve it sef. I quickly got over this by taking my mind of the things I want, being happy, rejoicing with those that get them and prayerfully and patiently wait on God. I don't take it personal because it's God's headache and not mine. Psalm 55:22; 1st Peter 5:7. I do my part and leave his part for him. Moreover, they are wants and not needs. Rejoice with:‎
your friend who got the job you wanted.
all those sending you wedding invitations.
co-workers getting promoted over you.
those moving to bigger houses and buying better cars.
family members having baby after baby when you are struggling to get pregnant.
those living their dreams.‎
those rejoicing because they have been given the very thing you have been hoping, praying, begging
 God to give you. 
Blogging ‎everyday, on my phone, is not easy. I have thought about stopping it several times in these few weeks. I got so many calls yesterday, i'm grateful. I'm officially sorry I didn't put anything up yesterday, I was tired. I got messages on facebook, bbm and twitter. Someone called asking to advertise on the blog. Am I ready for that? I can't even believe someone wants to pay me for this. I mentioned to a few people who think I'm silly for not saying yes to the offer.‎ Maybe I am, maybe not. Another person called asking to publish some posts.‎ ‎I'm overwhelmed. Thanks for reading and the support. Bless your kind hearts. Hugs and kisses.‎

*Guluma, aproko = Gossip
 Romans 12:15 = Be happy with those who are happy, and weep with those who weep.‎
Psalm 55:22 = Give your burdens to the LORD, and he will take care of you. He will not permit the godly to slip and fall.
1st Peter 5:7 = ‎Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you. 


Esquire said...

I agree with the writer. It can be tough at times to celebrate with someone who just got what you have been looking for in a while but it takes discipline and the right mindset to know that if God can do it for Mr. Lagbaja, He can do it for you. Its just a matter of time (Paitence and Faith in God). Jealousy and Envy will only makes matters worse.

I use this opportunity to celebrate Barr. Anu. She is a blessing. By discovering and doing this God who sees will reward you. Pls dont get tired ma. We love you ma.
God bless

Anuoluwapo said...

Lol! I celebrate you too sir

Anonymous said...

How do u know if somebody is a friend, an enemy or a frenemy? Wish we could know d difference cos sometimes they just look like one and d same.
May God open our eyes and reveal fake people to us.

Anuoluwapo said...

Hopefully we will. Amen!