Tuesday, 8 July 2014

My rich hubby and I

I felt honoured when Anu requested I write for her blog‎ and luckily she made it even easy with the topic she chose for me to write on. ''Girls that want rich husbands''. How does that even sound to your hearing? How shallow of any girl to declare such! What/who are you to start with? What have you made out of life yourself? Can you point at just one achievement to your credit? Have you stopped to think that, like you want him rich, he also wants you ambitious, intelligent, smart, a little taller than you already are, more beautiful and more? Now let's take his desires one after the other.

How ambitious are you? Oh that, what would you need an ambition for when you get your rich hubby you say? Sorry sis, he won't be settling for you because like you want a rich hubby he also wants an ambitious woman for a wife!

Intelligence? No need over flogging that. It's obvious, such declarations as yours don't come from intelligent ladies.

Strike three, smart. How can you be smart, when you are pre-occupied with strategies you learned from watching unrealistic movies on how to nail him? And even if you try to act it. He will know because like they say ''character is like smoke''. Your alarm will blow somehow.

Your height. He probably prefers his woman tall, maybe because he is not all that tall himself but you don't mind, all you want to do is nail his name and then proceed to his vault. Unfortunately there's nothing you can do about your height which is paramount in his desires for a wife among other factors which ''uninterestingly'' for you are very likely to be one or two of the aforementioned qualities you also lack. Which would have been a sort of leverage for you in this regard.

‎Funny you are not even that beautiful sef, yet you want a rich ‎ husband. For what nah? To have him wake up to your unintelligent, lazy, short, ugly faced self. SMH. You must be very greedy. You want a rich husband and have nothing in return.

I am VERY SORRY if my tone seemed harsh in the previous paragraphs, my bad. It's just how best I know how to put my thoughts on this topic into writing. Truth be told, no girl wants a poor husband or a man below her financial standard even if other factors can be overlooked. Yes a lot of girls have become desperate to be hooked but yet they don't want just any guy. Weigh this port folios for instance:
A yoruba girl that lives comfortably with her parents/guardians where she has a moderate sized room to herself, has a well or okay paying job yet she does other businesses and has learned a craft, single handedly bought her first car conveniently (even if not brand new), one or two plots of land to her name, more than one degree, a good home maker, good cook plus she is beautiful too among other 
She is a very fine girl, has a first degree that is just a little better than ''certificate of attendance'', shares a flat with three other independent girls, waits on one uncle or aunty to send her monthly stipends of about three to four hundred dollars monthly which she uses to pay her quota of the rent, then squanders the rest on beauty products and partying where she hopes to find ''HIM'', until the following month. She lazily blames her unemployment on the economy of the country and proudly declares to her friends that there's no way on earth she's not marrying a rich

I will tell you one thing that these two ladies have in common. It's not their gender, that's too obvious. None of them wants to settle for a poor husband. But rather than declaring it vaguely and doing nothing about their goals, A is watering the ground before her so that she can step on wet floors while B is depending on just her beauty. Lady A, no matter how level headed, focused and ambitious she
might be, wouldn't want to settle for a man who would expect her to move in with him in a room apartment where they will have to queue to use the bathroom, share the kitchen with co-tenants, etc, and so does Lady B whose profile isn't even half as impressive as Lady A's'. Then the dream man comes along.‎ Man is the vice president of a multi-million naira‎ conglomerate, owns his own small bungalow, where he lives alone except‎ when his younger siblings pop in once in a while. His cook comes once weekly, his gate man occupies the single room apartment by the gate. He can afford yearly medical check up trips abroad for his parents, among other qualities.‎ Let's be ''MAN'' here. Which of these two ladies would you rather wife? Obviously, like you, I would rather wife Lady A who I am sure would make my millions billions and make a duplex of my bungalow.

What am I saying? It's okay to secretly declare that you want a rich husband, I do too. But while I am silently wishing, I won't be seated somewhere waiting for his money. I'd rather be busy making mine! I don't know about you but the sense of being able to achieve goals by myself gives me profound joy. Like the Bible says in Matthew 6:33 ''seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all
other things shall be added unto you''. Seek a self appraisal of your resume or portfolio first then you'd attract him RICH. Good luck sisters.‎ Thanks for the opportunity Anu.

I should be the one doing the thanking bae. Nobody wants to stay at Surulere, we all want Olorunsogo. God help us. Financial status is not a criteria in choosing a spouse. Prospects is! A rich hubby may lose the money overnight or die, what will happen then? A rich hubby may not love, respect and treat you well. Is that what you want? Or a lifetime of affluence, sadness, domestic violence and a marriage devoid of love? You may think you can live with it. Don't come making noise later please. Think prospects and financial stability. I can date a poor man, if I were single. I would however wait till we're stable before we get tie the knot. Be able to afford the basics. Yearly vacation, honeymoon and an elaborate wedding ceremony are not basic needs, house rent (in a reasonable area), feeding, etc, are.
Thanks Eniwealth for this lovely piece. You can catch Eniwealth here Thanks for reading, please come back. Xoxo.






Anonymous said...

Walahi no be lie! Gone r those days wen beauty gets u the top boys, it just isn't enough now. Men want a. Lady with brains & an independent one @ that. Recent studies even suggests that intelligent woken are more attractive.
We ain't complaining that we might have to pick up d bills but @ least u should be able to pitch in woman. Big ups to d women trying to make things happen on their own rather than waiting for a rich man to mk em rich.

Esquire said...

Wow! so some ladies still think and abide by this kind of principle? Maybe one in a thousand sha. I celebrate u Eniwealth. You are one in a million oh. I am sure your husband is glad he married you. Thanks for your lovely piece. Great delivery too.

Abeg just in case u still have younger sister like you that is single, pls notify me cos i get younger broda. na this kain wife he dey find. lol

Anuoluwapo said...

I've not shared the link and you're already reading and commenting, many thanks.

Anuoluwapo said...

Big ups to the men that appreciate such women. Thank you

Anuoluwapo said...

Thank you

Eniwealth said...

Thank @Esquire. lool I am not yet married though. And yes there are still some of us like that. It's not pride for me but definition of style when I'm out there making my own name before my knight in shining armor comes. I somethings feel like I might want to hyphenate my hubby's surname. - dunno if this is right or wrong.

Eniwealth said...

Thanks* Requesting copyrights permission Anu.

Anuoluwapo said...

Feel free please. Thank you

Amusu Mobolaji said...

Eniwealth is amazing. I love this pot. *mwwahhh* and the follow up pictures, Anu you are amazing. Nice


Eniwealth said...

Thank Bolaji, you are doing a great job on mylifeasmoby* too.

Tollybmakeovers said...

True... keep up the good works anu... intelligent post