Tuesday, 1 July 2014

A little courtesy?

If not that I've made up my mind not to let things get to me easily, I would have schooled a babe yesterday. Funny enough I admire her from afar, her strive to hustle I mean. We used to visit once in a while as kids courtesy of our moms. So we say hi when we run into each other. She thought to advertise something to me and said "Hey, check this and that." My mind was close to thinking insults then I thought "could she be referring to me, naah she isn't" so I ignored.

I find myself greeting almost everyone I run into, even strangers. I often see surprise on the faces of some. They wonder why I would be greeting them when I don't know them or need anything from them. Our society is one in which we're surprised when people do what they ought to do, e.g, politicians. It amuses me, in a bad way, when a kid i'm much older not only doesn't know he should greet me and refuses to respond to my greetings. Do you want me to school your kids for you? We are breeding ill-mannered children. Why then do we complain of the scarcity of gentlemen and ladies? Your jazz must be a "serious something" for you to believe that your spoilt brat would turn out a lady. Your girl doesn't say "good evening, thank you, bless you, sorry, please" and you're happy? Please give yourself a knock on the head and cry for 5 minutes. Then begin to teach her to be who she deserves to be.
The babe that messaged me lacks essential social skills and culture. That I'm not a "Dangote" or being younger than she is doesn't demand respect? You don't show respect because of societal/financial status/age. You show respect because you desire to be respected. Treat people how you want to be treated or stay in your house alone. We should be taught not as adults but as early as possible. Please school your little ones so they can make you happy when you're old and grey. If you're not cultured, please learn.
Thank you.


Amusu Mobolaji said...

Anu God bless you for this post. I had to school one small boy in my house yesterday. The boy would be looking at you like a moron and would be expecting you to greet him. This boy shouldn't be more than 8. I had to talk to him. I don't know what's going on with this generation. During my time, na slap you go collect if u no greet with your two knees touching the ground. I went to a business partner's house some weeks back and I went on both knees to greet his dad. You would have thought I gave the man a million naira. He was just praying for me and saying I was a true yoruba girl. I'm sure the man hasn't seen that much courtesy in forever. Nice one. Please can I share this on my blog as a rant. I really love it. Please.


Anuoluwapo said...

I love parents that pray for me. I'm going to be that kind of parent, Amen!
Thanks for asking. Yes you can but please acknowledge my blog. Let me know when it's up. Thank you

Amusu Mobolaji said...

Sure. Thanks

Esquire said...

Nice. You have touched a very critical issue in Nigeria today. The western culture is eating deep into our values and excellent cultural heritage. Conducting a comparative analysis, we observe more kids travelling abroad for summer unlike the 70s and 80s. There is obvious a lot of negative impact on us as we try to conform to the lifestlye of the "Oyibos" The white kids dont greet na. The best they can do sef is a silly "Hi". A boy of 7yrs calls a man of 65yrs by name. I still find it difficult to call even my mates by name except close friends. Thank God in Nigeria we can still spank our kids when they misbehave. You dare not try that in some other countries and thats what some Nigerian parents are learning.

Most schools in Nigeria today (like the school my kids attend), Spanking a child or talking harshly to a child is not allowed. If u like try it in the name of schooling somebody's child and you are in for the biggest "wahala" of your life. May we as parents do our bit to save our future generation. Thank you

Anuoluwapo said...

Blame it on the western world. Won to daran lowo wa.lol

Eniwealth said...

Thank you again Anu. It's a shame that we only copy the oyinbos in aspects that demoralizes our culture. What ever happened to copying them at striving to be a better nation politically, economically and every other ''lly'' that there is. Instead we copy their ill fated disrespectful custom and social decadence of going about naked. Bikini bodies for black girls, abeg wetin we dey tan for body? mtsheeew!

Anuoluwapo said...

Lmao! God help us