Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Husbands, prospective husbands needed here - Anuchef

Gone are the days when wifey sweats it out in the kitchen and hubby watches the sport highlights. If you want a very loving home and you don't want madam to complain at that time of the night you better help her out with chores, kids and cooking. Be very involved in the affairs of your home. Even if all you'll do is pass maggi and salt. Stay and gist with her. She'll never complain about cooking again and the food would taste better. It's a very good time to catch up on the day's activities and play all the kitchen love you see in movies. Stop being so rigid, cooking with one's lover is fun.

It's unacceptable for a man not to know how to cook. What were you eating as a bachelor? Fast food or mommy's food? A loving husband helps his wife in the kitchen when she is ill, pregnant, tired or just a kind treat from him. Won't you and the kids eat when mommy travels? You'll get them fast food abi? Were you raised on fast food? Be responsible. Mommy should be at peace that you and the kids would be fine. Even if it's to warm the food she left or make eba to go with the efo in the freezer. Have you considered waking her to breakfast in bed or making dinner? It is way cheaper than restaurants but it's far more romantic and sweet. It's not always about the cost, it's more about the kind thoughts and efforts put into it.

That said, I, with all joy, introduce ANUCHEF to you. It's a new section of this blog. I'll be bringing you nice recipes or new twists to our basic usual meals. We'll be using mostly the typical foodstuffs we have at home. Yaaay! You can thank me later. My friend, Lolade, is into food, catering, cakes, small chops,... She was kind enough to kickstart this for us. Give your regular rice and plantain a new twist by trying Gizzdo.

Overripe plantain
Fresh grounded pepper
Vegetable oil
Green pepper

1. Season and boil gizzard until tender.
2. Dice and fry plantain.
3.  Cut tender gizzard into cubes and put in the oven/microwave to dry.
4.  Cut your onion and green pepper.
5. Fry the onion, in little hot oil, until translucent.
6. Add the fresh pepper to the onions. Season after 5 minutes. Allow to cook for another 5minutes.
7. Add the fried plantain to the sauce. Mash well until it is well incorporated in the sauce.
8. Add the gizzard and green pepper.
9. Stir and leave to simmer for 5minutes.
10. Serve with rice or pasta.

I decided to try it before recommending it to you. It is very easy to make and it was ready under 30 minutes. I served it with pasta last night and it is now a recognised and approved sauce in my home. It was after the meal was ready that I remembered I had green pepper *sigh*. I added little atarodo and seasoned the gizzard with atale. So it had a slight pepperish feel. I also didn't observe the 5 minutes mentioned, I used my discretion. PHCN was at it so I didn't dry the gizzard in the oven/microwave. I used 2 "sticks" of plantain and 6 pieces of gizzard. I totally recommend gizzdo. If you make gizzdo please send photos and your comments to tarabauer01@gmail.com. You can also send me recipes (and photos) of your specialities. Thank you.

Sorry about the picture quality, it looks a lot better and tastes even better than it looks. Next time, I'll do paparazi and style the food well. Thank you so much Lolade

My darlings, i'm sorry I didn't post anything yesterday. I was tired. Thanks to everyone that asked. Thanks for reading. Please bookmark or add this blog to your phone's homepage. Please come back. All my love, Anuoluwapo.
Tell me you don't like this
No problem but don't ask me to come to the room again :p

You don't have to do it but she'll definitely love you more if you do

God bless kind husbands
You are on your own 
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Moller said...

Well, I ate d Gizzdo & it was very tasty! I don't know if it's the recipe or my wife's awesome culinary skills. There are several reasons y a guy should help out in d kitchen but d most important is that we get to taste, eat or "steal" whatever catches our fancy while wifey cooks LOL asides the fact that it makes my wife happy

Anuoluwapo said...

LOL! See who food brought here. Thank you Mr Moller

Esquire said...

Unfortunately i totally disagree that its unacceptable for a man not to know how to cook. In my opinion, A man knowing how to cook could be termed as an added advantage to the wife. Secondly, Being Responsible as a man does not mean he must know how to cook. Being Responsible simply means provide for the family. There is nothing wrong if a man provides good food from fast food centres for his family when the wife is ill or pregnant or hire a fantastic cook to do the cooking. The word responsible goes far beyond cooking with you own hands as a man.

Just as u pointed out, the man can be romantic enough to assist his wife in the kitchen by passing salt and maggi, or boiling water or helping her to pound the yam (for body building. Lol). Even these days, women dont have time for cooking. Career women dont really have all that time to cook. Eg Husband banker and wife banker in a city like Lagos. They both leave the house by 4am and come back by 9pm or even 10pm. The Fast Food centres will definitely come in handy.

I reiterate that a man knowing how to cook is only an added advantage. It doesnt make him irresponsible or unromantic if he cant. It is the women who cant cook we should be bothered about.

Thank you.

Anuoluwapo said...

Every man should be able to cook for himself. Responsibility is providing decent meals for the kids when the wife isn't around. Like I said, if it is just to warm the wife's food. Cook with wifey even if it's just to pass salt n maggi. Rather than arguing, try it and see if she'll love it and how "happier" you'll be. Little things counts too. Not just "providing for the family", be involved

Anuoluwapo said...

Why should it be women that must know how to cook? We are your helpmates, executive assistants not maids/slaves. You should know how to do basic things yourself and we come in to help. That thought is "grandpaish"

Eniwealth said...

lol @ grandpaish. Yes, it is an added advantage @Esquire but it gives us a sense of responsibility on your part somehow. Especially in this new world where boys no longer know their mothers. We feel or see a certain level of homeness* in you and it makes us proud. I tried gizzdo at Chicken chillies once and it was over spiced, so I promised to try it myself at home, that was last year and I still haven't gotten up to it. Maybe now that you have tried it out and had Mr Moller testifying.Lol

Anuoluwapo said...

Please try it. I had never heard of Gizzdo until Monday

Eniwealth said...

Please text your pin ma. Thanks

Esquire said...

I take the "grandpaish" way of thinking as a compliment. In my opinion, there are basic roles for the man and for woman. The woman is largely expected to take care of the domestic affairs while the man handles largely other manly roles hence the reason for the woman to know how to cook. The woman will not service the cars and generating set, change plugs, oil and filters, attend to gardening, fix the pumping machine etc. I beleive that is the man's job. I never said women are slaves or maids or assistants. Its just thier primary responsibility.

Secondly @ Eniwealth, you mentioned that a man knowing how to cook gives a sense of responsibility, makes thier spouses proud and makes you see a certain level of homeness. I certainly agree with all that. its true however, i dont believe thats the only way a man shows a sense of responsibility or can make u proud. Eg A man changes his children's diapers, does a bit of laundry, bathes the kids, feeds the kids, helps out with thier assignment from school, helps in buying and refiling the kitchen gas cylinders, does some ironing etc and still does his manly duties. Would you say this man is irresponsible or doesnt make u see a sense of homeness just because he cannot cook??.

My challenge here is when we relate being responsible to just knowing how to cook or saying its unacceptable. Even if some ladies arent comfortable with men who cant cook, i m sure there are a whole lot of women who love men who cant cook but have other beautiful attributes like i listed above. However its a beautiful article

Anuoluwapo said...

Oga Esquire, this isn't an argument. Each to her opinion

Ogbe Corleone said...

@Esquire I agree with u to a very large extent, there are a lot of other ways a man can be responsible at home besides the kitchen. But for me, because I know how to cook I find my way in there whenever I can and it's actually fun.
Erm, @anuoluwapo ...when will u prepare this dish again lemme bring my cooler to get some? Lol

Anuoluwapo said...

:D when do you want me to?